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Primus vs Kanchenjunga's Kanoe
by Kaytlin

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and some of the captains of Medievia were out sailing ships, slaying serpents and putting an end to invading Khrait. The DM called out another triumph over the Khrait, this time by clan 4's Man O' War, Kanchenjunga's Kanoe, captained by Suabhardus. However, his triumph over the Khrait didn't mean he could sail safetly back into dock, as one more obstacle stood in his way.

Clan 20's Man O' War Primus had been lurking around nearby as Suabhardus sunk the Khrait and now it was sailing closer, battle flag raised. Captain Krage requested that some fellow shippers come on board to help with dousing and I felt obliged to help, as Krage has helped my ships in the past. I was last to board and joined the others at the Crow's Nest. Ghoti, Kaeodan, Thalesia, Alstrian, Quonsie, Drakonis and Megara had all come on board to keep the ship afloat and sails intact. As we drew in closer, Ghoti cast Harm's Way to impede Suabhardus further. Primus sailed close by Kanchenjunga's Kanoe and let off a volley that rained lightning and fire down upon it. Suabhardus was quick to react however and fired return volleys back at us. The crew dispersed quickly over the rigging, leaving the deckhands to fire the guns. Krage continued to call shots over the echoes of hammers.

As shot after shot rained down on both ships, I took a break from repairing to make use of my spyglass. His ship looked in a bad way, yet he was still determined to not run away. We heard his deckhands scurry around to repair, some panicking and some as determined as their captain. However, a few more volleys seemed to be all Kanchenjunga's Kanoe could take, and as the enemy ship lay almost destroyed in front of us, Suabhardus took off on a dragon, realising he couldn't repair his ship fast enough. Two more volleys caused it to slip gracefully below the waves, to join the wreckage of the Khrait he had previously sunk. We repaired the ship back to near perfection, and only received trouble from a kraken on the return trip.

We docked without trouble, but in the days that followed, Suabhardus had called out fellow Medievians to sink our ships. With angry serpents, fae-seeking Khrait and revenge seeking captains, could the waters of Medievia be at one of their most dangerous times? Only time will tell for sure, but all sides seem ready to hit each other with all they've got.


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