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Ocean Chaos
by Kaytlin

Clan 19 was out for a simple ocean cruise on the Man O' War Twilight Dragon, when I spotted something out of place on the horizon. Squinting, I could make out a sail but little more. I ran up to the crow's nest for a closer look and saw not one, but two ships, extremely close together, so close I was nearly certain they were fighting. One was still just an outline although big enough to be a Man O' War but the second ship was all too clear.

Two Points off the Larboard Bow at a range of 56.15 you see the Demon's Scurvy. She's heading Northwest. She is Underway, and is making 7 knots. Demon's Scurvy is undamaged. Her battle flag is flying.Making a quick look at clan 95's ship logs, I noted that Raithir was captain, but failed to notice the other ship 95 had out at sea. Demon's Scurvy was drawing closer and not wanting to be spotted, I didn't chum up any serpents. My confusion grew as I heard the shouts of "Grapple Scurvy, sb side!" but it wasn't until Demon's Scurvy came into my line of sight that I rechecked the crow's nest view. Leaning out over the side, I saw Obsidian Dreams, captained by Angeliqa, coming straight for us, battle flag flying.

I turned the ship hurridly back towards Sea's End but with Raithir on the lb side and Angeliqa on the sb side there seemed little me, Ryathe and Allyrellia could do to prevent the shots raining down on us. Panicking, I bellowed at my deckhands to repair, pump and douse. More and more serpents kept appearing, coming dangerously close then diving from another volley. Demon's Scurvy drifted away, getting closer to a new ship joining the chaos, Gail Grey. Skree was calling out and firing shots on the enemy ship, but our ship was beyond repair, with 95 blocking the docks and serpents everywhere. Resigned to our fate, we decided to fire and keep them off us until the ocean dragged Twilight Dragon down. As Demon's Scurvy grappled and captured Gail Grey, Obsidian Dreams continued to fire on our rigging, crippling our masts and making us barely able to crawl along the ocean. As it pulled up alongside, looking ready to grapple, the hull filled with water and our ship slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean.


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