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New Mudslinger Layout!!

Welcome to the new version of the Mudslinger Newspaper! Please bear with us as we change over from the old to the new layout. Here are a few tips about the new layout:
  • Only the most current issue is shown on the main page now. All previous issues and articles can be viewed through the Archives link.

  • The archived articles will not be transferred over to the new layout. The most recent edition, published on July 4th, has been re-done with the new layout. All future issues will, of course, be in the new format.

  • Enjoy! Any suggestions/questions/comments should be sent to

Happy reading!

The MudSlinger team

July 4, 2005

News and Features

- by The Mudslinger Staff

Contest Winner! Alternate Lives
~ by Crazto

An Interview with God Calrog
- by The Mudslinger Staff


Folly on the Fury
~ by Aivanther

Barklins for Booze
~ by Crazto

Poetry and Songs

An Autoquester's Prayer
~ by Tiexie

A Valediction: Forbidding Trading
~ by Selenia

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