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An Autoquester's Prayer - by Tiexie

Now I lay me down in LPK to sleep,
I pray to Vryce my Aq scrolls to keep.
Should I die before I wake,
I pray this zone does quake.

Now in boredom I sit and wait,
For this mob to pop some stupid skates.
I pray the game does not crash,
As I will lose all the scrolls I have stashed.

Now in silent defeat I mutter,
Biting off the words I wish to utter.
I pray for a swift retribution,
To the bearer of my execution.

Now in Medlink from wasps I hide,
Still lamenting on how I died.
I pray this storm soon shall pass,
And thank Vryce once again for acid blast.

Now I smile in delight,
As I give an apple to a sprite.
I pray to Vryce in pleased relief
Thank you sir for not sending me to reef!

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