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July 4, 2009

How many Medievians will fit in one zone?
by Loreis

Explore is up and running, and so are Medievians. The Graveyard looked like a mosh pit earlier today, with a wonderful mix of new players, legends, heroes, and everything in between. Goblin Castle? Good luck-there will be a bouncer at the door any day, just to keep the line straight. Clannies told me Shadmire was so crowded, the tree spirits were throwing crab apples as adventurers wandered through the forest, and as more and more zones become "explorable", expect crowds and a bit of a wait, especially for repop. Soon, Vryce will begin awarding explorer medals, and I believe there are plans in the works for Explorer tags, to be displayed proudly next to ones' description (if not yet a Hero), or along side other tags we wear so well!


Something I did notice, as high level players wandered lower level zones: many of us seem to have forgotten where mobs, equipment and even random items load in these smaller zones. Chat resounded with people asking where a vial that removed poison loaded in The Graveyard, or how to find the Brownies in The Preserve. I think exploring will offer new experiences, and bring back memories, to Heroes and higher level players, and perhaps, just perhaps, show some Heroes how much fun being an Avatar is! I hope new players enjoy mastering each objective set before them in each zone, and I expect cheering on every clan as their clannies master zone after zone.


Thanks must go to Vryce, and all the gods who worked so quickly and efficiently to get all this together today. What a wonderful addition to Medievia! Each zone is now a quest, and to finish the quest, you must complete all the tasks set before you. Maybe clans will race one another, seeing who can master all the zones first! How marvelous it is to see so many people dashing through a zone, shouting, whooping and cheering, laughing as they try to find items or mobs they have not seen in years.


I know I have said this before, but Medievia is the best game anywhere, and I think we are all in for one heck of a summer! Now stop reading, and go explore!!


Loreis-out (and about)


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