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May 17, 2009

Fear the Faeball
by Belladain

We have all seen the announcements.  The names change but the message remains the same:

Kill the hero with the faeball!

The faeball is now at 6,032,456 gold coins!

Belladain has killed the faeball carrier, kill Belladain!!(ok we have not seen this one yet actually)

Lately though a new, much more dangerous game is being played.....

Kwe, a member of the esteemed Knights of the Endless Days, and reputed carrier of the faeball, has been turning the tables and instead of being the hunted, he becomes the hunter......

Kwe has been noted sitting in the wilderness, a few rooms outside of the ever dangerous Hellraider.  When hunters of the legendary faeball locate Kwe and launch their assault without care, Kwe immediately flees.  The attention of the Hellraider is now focused on the attacker, who is dragged into CPK.  Hellraider is known for crucifying people, but the nefariously Kwe utilizes several shield rooms and a well placed shockwave, the end result being a very bad day to have decided to play with Kwe's faeball.

There has been at least one confirmed kill this way, and several close calls.

The faeball game has taken on a new twist, time will tell what other devious ways the slippery faeball can be used.


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