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June 8, 2009

Fae Orbs Overpriced?
by Belladain

I was chit chatting today when someone said they were selling full fae orbs for 20 million.  That was a little to steep for me!  I have overpaid for a fae orb or two in the last few months, especially on double xp day, but being in possession of a full one already and since most orbs had been selling for between 7-8 million I decided against the purchase.  There was one person though who wished to buy it, Allyio.  A few people made comments that 20 million was far outside of the going rate and Allyio made a very big deal about the fact that she had been playing for 10 years and that money was not a big deal to her because she had so much of it and why did so many people take the  game so seriously!  I was getting some xp in Horneg's Keep at the time and thought that she went a little overboard on chat explaining herself, if she didn't take the game to seriously, why did she feel the need to explain herself so fully to the entire game?  In the end, I didn't think to much about it.  I did however catch something she said a few minutes later that piqued my interest, she said that it was no big deal because she could make it back when someone wanted to buy some eggs.  This interested me because it was not entirely accurate.  She had overpaid by around 13 million, and if she sold the equivalent amount in eggs, she would not have actually made a profit, in order to break even she would have to overprice her that equivalent by 13 million and by even more to make a profit.  My passing interest in her wording seemed to make Allyio angry enough that eventually Vryce made it clear that if the arguing continued gags would be passed out.

 I had no intentions of embarrassing Allyio and I am not sure why she got so angry.  Gold is just gold and if you've got it and want to spend it, more power to you but it doesn't change the math!  I have learned today that not everyone will understand things you will.  Perhaps their backgrounds are different and they just perceive things differently.  Some people are very quick to anger and attempt to deflect it onto others by accusing them of acting the same way they are.  Either way I have learned a valuable lesson about the chat channel today and I will choose my words very carefully in the future.



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