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June 8, 2009

The Fae Bat Experiment
by Loreis

Liece is leveling nicely, thanks in no small part to our recent Double Experience weekend. She has found a clan, her bloodline is sending her equipment like crazy, and she has very impressive DR. But, as is the case in our family, she has a devil-may-care attitude about fighting things much larger than herself. Case in point? Fae bats. During Double Experience, it is possible to get FOUR times the normal experience, during fae bats. Killing fae bats help you accrue "fae", which you then deposit in a large fae orb in your clanhall. If you have the most fae at the end, you win a medal, day long sanctuary and a sanctuary sphere. This all was too delicious for Liece to resist.

Vryce, in his inifinite wisdom, recently discovered that Mages were wandering the wilderness, charming rooms of fae bats, and luring them back to lower level players in their clans or bloodlines, thus making it possible for a level 23 Cleric to have three hundred thousand plus fae at the end bats. He wisely put an end to that, and fae bats are now harder to kill, and absolutely not charmable. Yes, you can still form together with other adventurers and amass quite a bit of fae, but it is quite a bit more difficult. Solo, it is even worse. Solo as a warrior, incapable of using spells or self healing, bashing the living daylights out of them? Almost impossible. And here is where my tale of woe begins.

Lerris met me in a Japanese tea garden in Medlink, tears of laughter running down her face. I had just sat down, having made a Catacombs run, to have some jasmine tea, and relax.

"Oh wow, you will not believe what Liece tried!", Lerris said, collapsing onto a silken pillow next to me.

"Well, if she is anything like us..." I began, but Lerris held her hand up.

"Fae bats!" And Lerris began laughing again, wiping her eyes with a cotton handkerchief.

I raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"And how did she do?" I asked

It turned out that Liece had bought oaken staves from Riverton, capable of casting Harm on a room of mobs. These are very handy against fae bats, and allow the user kill many at a time. Unfortunately, Liece was only a level 22 Warrior, and there was just no way for this to have a pleasant outcome.

"I think she would have been all right, if it had not been for the dragon," and Lerris dissolved into paroxysms of giggles once more.

"Why are you laughing?!" I bellowed, earning myself a glare from the hostess. "She's little, she should never have tried this alone, where the HELL were you?"

Lerris gulped, looking down at her boots and blushing.

"I you know...ok FINE I was shopping..."

I leapt to my feet, throwing my napkin at Lerris and shot back into Medievia, searching for Liece. When I found her, she told me exactly what happened:

Liece, knowing that fae bats increased XP, and wanting to try for the day long sanctuary, exited the safety of Medievia and went east, out into the wilderness. She had sanctuary orbs, two mauve sanctuary potions (level 35 sanctuary, VERY handy), healing potions, armor potions, cloudy potions, a potion of truesight and and a pink, sparkly one she had picked up in the Post Office. She felt ready for fae bats. And fae bats were certainly ready for her. Hold her oak staves, she worked her way around the city walls, killing quite a few bats, and walking into said walls a few times. Head reeling from multiple brick encounters, she staggered back into the beautiful gardens north of the city, and managed to bash a fae bat to death before flopping down into the grass to regroup. At this moment, she got the distinct impression she was being followed. Gingerly rising to her feet, Liece remembered LINK-ing your own name would tell you OH NO...wilderness dragon. A massive red beast leapt upon Liece, and she fled, calling a good dragon to fight on her behalf. This dragon was, at the precise moment Liece called him, in a lovely gazebo, wooing a very shy green dragon. So, you can imagine how quickly he responded (not his fault, it's Spring, when a young dragon's fancy turns to love). Liece lost her battle with the red dragon less than 5 seconds after it landed. She made her way to the Altar, and when her life was returned to her, quaffed all her potions, changed to damage mode, and charged back out into the wilds, intent on killing more bats.

Liece amassed fifty five thousand fae, but it was not enough to win the day long sanctuary. She was fairly upset, until I began to regale her with stories of not only my misadventures, but those of her charming mother as well. When I left her, Liece was rolling around on the floor of the Aussie Barbeque, roaring with laughter and gasping for air.

"Storn.....hahahahaha......soloing Stornaway....HAHAHAHAH!!!"

What I do for these children...



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