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Wedding in the Ladies' Room
by Eloria

To get back in the good graces of my dicta-imp, I came upon this scoop as I was going about my business. Naima had announced a wedding taking place at a strange time in the morning and I asked her to be transported to the wedding. The wedding between Zantier and Ahuzzah, in which Naima was officiating, was in a ladies room!. Because of everyone was going about being silly, Naima forced all in attendance to sit.

"We are gathered here at this godawful hour of the morning," Naima begins, "To celebrate the glorious union between these two kings of presentablity in their blessed union of Mudmarriage." which provoked a few chuckles from the congregation.

"I love you" Ahuzzah states as he lovely looks at Zantier.

"Not yet!" Zantier attempts to say quietly.

"Oh." Ahuzzah says a bit wistfully.

Alacan coughs quietly as a way to get the show back on the road.

"I understand that they have written vows to say, as to save me the time of attempting to think of witty ones myself." Naima says while trying to stifle a yawn.

Ahuzzah gave a listing of things that he would do for his husband (these will not be listed here as some children might be reading this or those sensitive to certain subjects). Zantier went on to talk about his devotion to Ahuzzah, how he thinks of him, and his undying love to him (once again censored due to those sensitive to certain subjects not suitable for children, etc.).

"May you both stay together, through cpk and lpk, plague and cross healing. I pronounce you man and manwife." Naima says as this reporter makes it out the nearest exit before anything else happens. Naima then rings wedding bells for Zantier and Ahuzzah since they confirm their wedding vows in front of friends and random people. This is the MudSlinger, out for now!


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