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Wedding Announcements
by Eloria

Seems to be close to the time of year again here in Medievia when the weather clears and spring thaws commence the start of flowers to come into to bloom. Speaking of things coming into bloom over the past week or so, it seems there have been quite a few weddings of various mud-married couples.

The first wedding that one of the MudSlinger staff was able to get to was presided over by Celylia in a Dank Dungeon Cell somewhere in the lesser-known areas of Medievia City. This seemed to be one of the ever rare mud-weddings where the couple are both women, but hey to each their own. The happy couple of this wedding was Listirista and Dairella.

An infamous quote from Celylia during this wedding:'I now pronounce you wife and wife. Everyone may kiss each other!'

The other wedding that one of the Mudslinger staff was able to attend had been the wedding of Edwinia and Sayton presided over by Galaea. Getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day, the wedding took place in MedLink where there is a small area literally called Valentine's day. The happy couple just radiated love.

An infamous quote from this wedding: Edwinia conjures up her own magic 8-ball and it says "if Sayton leaves, it will incur immediate death".

Unfortunately the MudSlinger staff got the news a bit late for these weddings but here are the happy couples: Lorakiss and Vladimyer, Bakhari and Kathaarg, and last but not least, Karamyer and Radenmyer.

If anyone ever wants to announce or let the world of Medievia know of your upcoming mud-marriage please email or just link any reporter on staff to let them know. Happy Mud-Marriages! This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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