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Sounds of Love and Bells Ringing
by Eloria

It was a glorious time of joy and smiles in the realm recently as two people asked for the favor of the gods to join in a blessed union. Caelistis of the House of Caelistis and Alstron of the House of Alstron went before the goddess Zuasha to officiate their marriage.

While Zuasha was trying to start the ceremony, Verdamac could be heard scolding Llynalis with a grumpy, "Baaaaaaaaaaah!" in the poor guy's ear. Zuasha finally asked all of the wedding party to stop all spells, comments, fighting, and conversation so she could start. With a frown, Caelistis said, "Our goddess here reserves the right to slay anyone that makes me unhappy." After many threats of freezing and such by Zuasha and Nyan whizzing by in her cat form, reappearing as herself, the wedding finally got started. The happy couple gave their vows to each other:

Alstron says to Caelistis, 'I, Alstron, take thee Caelistis to be my lawfully wedded medwife. I promise to be faithful to you, love you, for better or worse, sickness and multiple deaths. I will be forever yours."

Caelistis says, 'I, Caelistis, take thee Alstron to be my lawfully wedded medhusband. I promise to be faithful to you, love you, for better or worse, sickness and multiple deaths, and I will be completely yours.

Before the wedding bands were exchanged, a few jealous men were making comments about hurrying up the wedding and saying to kiss already. They were silenced by a well placed, "HUSH OR DIE!!!" by Nyan. Beautiful platinum wedding bands symbolizing eternal love were then exchanged. Zuasha then finally officiated the marriage and said, "This ring, in its shape brings forth a never ending circle, which bring to a never ending love. By the power vested in me by Vryce and the Other Gods who just didn't want perform a wedding; I now pronounce you man and medwife!"

While the happy couple was kissing, Zuasha conjured a vanilla cake for the wedding reception. Alastrone with the glee of a little kid screamed, "CAKE!" During the eating of cake, Verdamac made off with the altar that Zuasha had simply ask not to be taken from the chapel.

All in all,it was a happy occasion not found too often during the time of war. This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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