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Sounds of War and Death
by Eloria

Some manuals and random writings have been uncovered by a scribe of Marious in Castle Medievia. These notes dating back from when Marious (with Vryce walking with him for an hour's time) had literally sat to talk with the ancient ruby dragon, Fothlyrdrag, who warned of the coming of another age of war. It would be a war bloodier than the time of castles and kings past.

One of the writings describes what Marious had seen in a vision and what intelligence has been gathered so far:

Khrait are beings from afar who will come in fleets of ships, trying to take the Rae magic from our land. Generally appearing in fog of some magical nature, never coming alone, they will arrive with two to three scout ships of a new ship class called Sitharon.

These Sitharon class ships are made in the style of catamaran that is faster than a sloop. They will arm twice as many guns as the current sloop. It will be possible to grabble with the Sitharon to take these ships for various towns and clans.

Further conversation with Fothlyrdrag revealed something about SeaDragons:

Coming from afar, SeaDragons are running from some evil entity that is unknown to our world. Once getting to know our realm's dragons, they will serve in similar ways, but as ship taxis. The seadragons look like a serpent, but colored blue and with wings that flap. They will carry ships faster than dragons do for people of our realm.

This all that has been gathered by Marious and his scribes at this time. As further intelligence is gathered, the MudSlinger will do its best to report. This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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