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Unlikely Victims
By Eloria

Squire Thardaras and Prince Tantalen of The Anarchists of Retribution guild (95) happened to be traveling the area of Fire Giants Keep for some clan business, but while traveling the better part of boredom had gotten to them. Thardaras, being the avid blood thirsty warrior that he is, had his innate sense of a possible kill nearby in the no-man's land (CPK) of Fire Giants Keep.

Tantalen gave Thardaras leave to go explore the area to check for a possible victim. Before Thardaras stepped into no-man's land, Mejio of Transcendence guild (5) asked him if he would be interested in taking out anyone who was foolish enough to venture there on their own. Kirius of Insurrection guild (98) was along for the kill as well.

Kirius went into no-man's land to scope out the situation, and found Wuolong luring mobs in the West Wing of Fire Giants. Tantalen hurried in fearlessly to meet the group to kill the target.

Wuolong sensed something amiss while trying to take on the inhabitants of Fire Giants Keep, and hoped to flee for her life. Unfortunately for her, Thardaras and Mejio each bashed her down. Wuolong barely escaped the fight when Tantalen plunged his dagger into her back, effectively killing her. Clearly, she did not have much in the way of equipment to loot.

Later on, after the first shed of blood, Thardaras was up for another kill, so he went back to check out Fire Giants. Lo and behold, another victim was to be found. The next unlikely victim happened to be Kryton who once again, as the prior kill, was checking out the area. Tantalen had other business to conduct, so Duke Watcher of Legion of Shadow Knights guild (23) came to help.

Watcher slowly faded into existence part way into the fight as Thardaras placed his kris into the back of Kryton. The only loot that seemed of interest from this little one was a blue token engraved with a shark, but since it was bound to Kryton, it poofed out of existence.

This just goes to prove that one does not want to venture into Fire Giants Keep by yourself, so take some buddies to avoid being an unlikely victim.


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