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A New Understanding
by Eloria

I remember standing at the Highest Point of Medievia on Mount Vryce, where Vryce first descended into the realm, and watching a single class take on those first steps to another path.

A powerful voiced reared across the mountain as the single class pushed the button to be reborn, "You ... are ... *NOT* ... Ready ... for godhood! You are not wise enough, not OLD enough! Not complete! Go back. Go back...... Go back as a newborn! Learn what there is to be learned from the mortal realm...learn all things great and small...learn all skills..learn all everything. Come back to me, Mortal when you are Ready!"

Hearing those words it made me think back to what newbies had to endure to make it to second class, and even with some recent adventures made me think of why some heroes miss the simpler days of being fresh and new to the game. At times, some people even forget what it is like to have started out as a newbie in the game.

Fortunately, there are some heroes who give up their hero tags to become Avatars. Once, long ago, there were no Avatars, but thanks to the gods and ideas of others, Avatars came to be. Avatars are true ambassadors for Medievia, serving as liaison among gods and new players. An Avatar's job entails helping newbies to understand the game and to answer questions.

Everyone thinks an Avatar's job is easy, but after going out into the field with an Avatar or two to observe them, I was totally wrong. At times Avatars can go from answering questions to having to fight some bored hero who wants to cherry pick a poor xping newbie.

During the travels with the Avatar, I got to witness an interesting conversation with a newbie and the Avatar:

Newbie: Why did you become an Avatar?

Avatar: Because I love the newbie clan, to teach others that are new to the game, and it is because of people like you who help me remember what it was like in the beginning.

The newbie at this point talks with the Avatar about bloodlines and some other things in the game.

Avatar: You sure do know a lot about the game for one so small.

Newbie: I am not all that new. I retired for two years, and have come back. For me this is a new game. So much has changed.

Avatar: So much to learn, but that is why we are here to help.

After a time, the newbie had to go and the Avatar was called away to help another newbie by getting him him. The Avatar, upon returning to get the ring to the little one, was very heart warming. The little one beamed a great big smile and gave the Avatar a hug and a thanks. Avatars always seem to find it very rewarding just being able to help a little one or even just to get equipment for the Haven donation room, and hearing the happy commotion they make when going for said equipment.

After spending some time with the Avatars and the young newbies, I can say it opened my eyes again to a new perspective to the game and how much we do truly forget as heroes. We as heroes sometimes do forget what it was like to be new and sometimes find ourselves to have very little patience for what can be new to others. All in all this is just a game, and not always to be taken seriously.

Well, my dicta-imp is looking at me a bit impatient here and also a message imp just bonked me on the head with a message from one of the Avatars - If you are interested in becoming an Avatar, please visit the Avatar Application online or read HELP AVATAR_APPLICATION in the game, and e-mail with the completed application. This is the Mudslinger, out for now.


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