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Shakedown in Trellor
by Eloria

Godzilla(TM) had been reported as seen in Trellor, terrorizing the good folks of the near by trading town of the Stormwatch guards. Some of Medievia’s finest heroes happened to come to the scène to stop the terror of Tokyo, Japan of the other world and dimension known as Earth. Some of the heroes that came to save the day were Grindel, Duncus, Jurius, Savidzin, and Ganso, just to name a couple of the heroes.

Once the call had been noted over the link of the immortals that the heroes and gods may communicate with each other had been send out, more heroes had come to the scene to stop the rampaging fire breather of a reptile near the entrance to the Temple of Trellor. The reptilian fiend made an escape to the Bank of Trellor, where the brave heroes cornered him there.

While during the mass chaos, someone had noticed that the fair Goddess Arethusa, Queen of the Banana and expert eater of them had lost her immortal hold to the realm of Medievia, only showing faintly as her pure spiritual essence. Believe it or not, she was focused on her task of being the rampaging Godzilla.

With a laugh and a smile, Arethusa to further amuse herself and to see how the fair champions of our world would fare, conjured Moxon back into being. A few heroes shook in their battle arraignment, while others yelled a battle cry, taking off after the ruby dragon of battles past.

For those not familiar as to why Moxon is a feared name that causes one to pale upon seeing him, they should understand that this was the most dangerous and oldest dragon who terrorized the lands of Medievia for several hundred years. The terrible ruby dragon had met his death by some unknown conjurer who had found forbidden text of in the world of Medievia.

While fighting Moxon, many of the heroes had become severally injured by that which the Banana Goddess had pulled into existence. With a giggle and smile, Arethusa called fourth her power into sapphire light, healing the grievously injured champions.

After the heroes all were healed and refreshed for battle, Grindel finished off the ghost of the ruby fiend with a shockwave, shattering its remains into sparkling bits of ruby dust. A few heroes called the champion of the battle won a kill stealing thief, as he raised his glass of gummiberry juice in a toast to his kill, but all he could say with a grin was: "I wanted experience."

So even when the gods and goddesses of the realm like to spend company in the time of mortals be it rampaging in the form of a lizard or calling old dragon past to battle, they even require some fun, not being so caught up in the matters of the immortal and the world of Medievia.


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