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Times of Change
by Eloria

As of late, during my travels, I left the realm to deal with things of the realm of Earth. I returned like any hero does after an absence of any length of time, never knowing when the realm changes. Time passes differently from that of the Earth realm, what could be a few months in Earth can be a few short days or even weeks in Medievia.

The winds of change can be felt, even to those returning to Medievia. The signs all point to a coming war, bloodier and deadlier than the times of blood that painted this land crimson long ago. We all know that Hellraider and Hellreaper are precursors to the coming invasion that Marious had talked with the long dead ruby dragon named Fothlyrdrag.

It is said that workers will be coming to the realm to help with ships, farming and other things. It maybe needed that the Gods will join clans to help fight the coming invasion. Other Gods have left the realm for other adventures or have simply existed to be. During this change, it has been noticed that a lot of powerhouse towns have shifted power.

The ranks of Gravis Negotium (clan 12) have dwindled to that of just 21 of their number and could be few by the time of this article. Some of the strength of the Outlaw Legion (clan 9) has transferred to the Righteous clan town (town 4). The Righteous looks to be the resurrection of Exodus, but with a different name. A good number of the original clan 4 have returned to their home. With the shifting of power houses like this, who know what clans and towns will hold the upper hand in the coming war in the forces of chaos and evil. Who will be left standing and who will forever by gone in the coming war? Time will only tell. This is the MudSlinger, signing off.


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