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Priceless Ruby
by Eloria

In a strange turn of events in Medievia, a very surprising truce had been made among Clans Fate and the Outlaw Legion, two of the most dangerous clans feared and despised by some through out the entire realm. Generally known for their fierce rivalry with each other, they teamed up against one of the most diabolic clans, Exodus, who had obtained a map for a rare and elusive baby ruby dragon.

Fate, the Outlaw Legion, and Exodus all have long history of normally interfering with each other from going after equipment in no-man's land (cpk) or to just out right being bloodthirsty in battles against each other. It came as no surprise to see all three to go after the prized ruby hide, but to see a team up of two out of three of these notorious clans came as a shock.

Those present for the raid were: Ankah, Uribam, Dagz, Wellz, Lestrune, Koraxis, Voevod, Yorenec, Kyrik, Khaoric, Imptaxis, Tyleste, Dobudakidaku, Sumasap, Vzain, Anabasis, Agares, Rylai, Xypaxis, Donacus, Zyclone, Beatrinne, Omerlax, Jalkium, Mordius, and several others.

Once all three of the raiding parties made it down to dragon's main lair, they engaged Exodus in battle for control of the dragon. After slaying some of Exodus's number, it was debated as to how to block off others from the dragon. Then, an interesting turn of events happened, somehow Exodus turned the tide on Fate and the Outlaw Legion by somehow getting past the raiders, and engaging the baby ruby dragon.

Once a dragon had been engaged, rule of battle conduct states that only attacking party that engaged the dragon may pursue the dragon with no interference from others. Since some of the rules of engagement had been broken during the raid, the Gods had been pleaded to come to solve this crisis.

In a billowing cloud of purple smoke, Vryce slowly materializes, none to pleased at his children, and with a fury that only gods could show simply stated, "Next person in this room to pray will feel me smack you."

Some people had cowered in mortal terror at seeing the father of the realm appear, while others still wanted to debate the rules of engagement. Sometime during the continued debates, Vryce appeared, smacking Dorvette upside the head.

After a good while of debating and talking with the gods, the raiding party went their own way. Exodus went to fight on against the dragon, but failed to cause it to flee its lair. All in all everyone it seemed had egg on their faces going after this dragon.

Later that night, another map was found to the same dragon, but to another one of its lairs. Naia, Nolmarus, and Katok successfully lead the campaign to slay this dragon. Dragbow after being pushed from both lairs in revenge went to attack a nearby clan town. Mayia had the killing blow on the ruby.

So after witnessing rules of engagement, gods coming down to see what was going on, and the dragon finally slain, this was one of the more interesting adventures the Mudslinger has witnessed. This is the Mudslinger, out for now.


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