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New Quests
by Eloria

Three new quest have been created to entertain the heroes and multiclass players of the realm. Here is the line up of the new quest:

Wilderness Hunt Quest:

The object of this quest is to hunt mobiles that are selected in the wilderness for points.

  • There is no player killing in this quest.
  • Kill stealing is illegal.
  • Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the mob.
  • The top three players will be awarded prizes.
Empire Quest:

This quest is a free for all player killing quest, when one enrolls one will be placed in an arena, and the objective is to player kill. One will gain points based on the level of how many players one kills. Once enough points are gained one will gain a level. At certain levels, one can gain special tributes. When a player quits the quest, one will receive points based on your level. You must be level one before you will receive any. When starting the quest one will be at level zero.

Seasalt Quest:

This a team player killing quest. When one enrolls into this quest, the player will be placed on the shoreline next to a pirate ship. The objective will be to player kill as many enemies as you can, when you kill someone both the player and the team gain points. The number of points one gains as an individual will determine how many quest points one will receive when a player leaves the quest. The number of points one gains for their team will determine which team wins when the quest is finished. Currently there is no reward for a winning team.

It looks like some new and exciting quests are coming up from the gods and staff of the Quest department. Until next time, this is the Mudslinger, out for now.


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