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Mother Nature's Call to Arms
by Eloria

At times, one finds oneself traveling around the fair lands of Medievia in search of adventure and excitement. Has one ever given it a thought to be a woman to traverse though the realm, considering that some men scoff at a female adventurer, be she a cleric, warrior, thief or mage?

Now, it seems that the tables are turning; Mother Nature is doing something to call for fair maidens to now become great fighters, showing the male population just how heroic they can be. For a creature of the night now comes from the depths of the ocean blue to terrorize and entice young men at night.

Night Sirens, they are called by some men who narrowly escaped from these bewitching shape shifters. These creatures of cold and mysteriously evil beauty are said to come from the deep of the sea, coming on board any vessel to view the light of the moon and the sparkling of diamond stars. Any sailor in their path is reported to drop dead from love.

Women adventurers and crewhands have been called by many a captain of ships, from simple sloops to fearsome men o' war, to now be part of the crew, for now many a male sailor must cower below deck once the sound of the witches is heard. The women are given command of the ship to pilot and to fight, saving the vessel from certain disaster.

The only other way a man can survive an encounter with a nightsiren is to be able to kill them on the first blow. If he cannot, he drops dead from over whelming love; and the vessel without women on board will fall to the depths of the ocean.

Now is the time, fair maidens, that if you want to adventure and have sea legs, be not afraid - help fight with our men as equals to save them and our ships on the mighty seas. For even in beauty and grace, a woman can have great strength, power and courage in this realm of Medievia.


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