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Misadventure of a Reporter
by Eloria

Most of my adventures generally lead me to interviewing the Powers that Be in their offices such as ending up in Ardothica's trash can or face to face with Vryce himself, going on a lair to hunt down a ruby, or seeing team work from clans that generally would never team up with. For once this is one misadventure that was very entertaining. The adventure began from Medievia when Uribam asked me along for an eq run. I was more than happy to go along for the adventure, with knowing my luck, I never know what I might get into.

Calling a brass dragon to allow me to arrive at my destination, I slowly make my way through a marshy wood to the Condemned Arena to meet with Uribam and his form. Being of the warrior class I am not as stealthy as a thief. I make my way through a very ominous forest path, smacking my way around trees and various other flora and fauna. I then noticed movement from out of nowhere. Trixtax makes his way into the area strangling sounds, collasping from out of breath. Within seconds, I take that as my leave to get out of there and head out as fast as possible. My armor or weapon must have clattered together when I had attempted to make my way out of the area, for the next minute all I knew was a blackness hit me.

Trixtax raised his hands, and his powerful aura slames into me as he fades into existance. Since I was out of my element in battle prows against him, I attempted to hold my own against, but failed misebarbly. Trixtax sent a very powerful shockwave at me, which blasted me into to dust, as he give a triumphant smile.I came to with a horrible, splittig wish you were dead type of headache and a temporay shield room keeping evil critters at bay away from me.

"Report that!" Trixtax yells

"Report what?" one of his friends ask.

"I just pked a reporter!" Trixtax shouts with a smirk in his voice

"Oh." his buddy shouts uncaringly back.

"That's mean of you!" another unknown voice shouted.

With a laugh and a nod, I think to myself, "Hell, might as well. It's my job, " with that I shake my head to clear the last of the pain away, brush myself off, respell all my defensive and combat spells, and make my way back to the awaiting Uribam and formation. They had been waiting for a bit for me, but other people got in the way in meeting them.

Uribam urges me to haul my rear as fast of possible through a magical communication device, and make it to them at the original meeting spot. From there I meet Jurius, Sekilina, Renoa, Sekyver, Luciferase, and Uribam. We make our way through the forest path to near the dome of the arena. Of course, what pilgrimage to the dome is complete without a scrap or two with some wargs.

"Time to fight them, I guess" Uribam states matter-of-factly wiping warg blood from his blade.

After a few more battles with wargs and several packs of wolves later, we finally make it to what looks to be a crude nest, which looks to be covered in all manner of filth and very unnatural looking. We come upon Trixtax and his gang fighting a scout bandit and Ruetar fighting a hook beast of some sort. Our party sneaks its way out of the nest to regroup. Uribam issues the orders to attack Ruetar and keep him knocked down to the ground. Scaning back into the nest, we noticed are targets are nowhere to be found.

Out of nowhere, Ruetar appears and engages Uribam in combat, in which the rush into the fray and help our commerad. A bandit scout was confused on whom to attack so he grabs his ever trust shurkien and just throws them at everyone. Sekilina's athame surged with brilliant threads of energy, engulfing Ruetar. Trixtax hurls a stream of wind at Uribam, breaking up our attack formation. We all book out and attempt to regroup.

After we all regroup, and a few fights later, I get separated from everyone when I get everything from bandit scouts to wargs after my rear-end, but then again, I am not a seasoned veteran of these areas as these people. A few fights and several wounds later, I manage to meet Luciferase, who is part of the party I am in. While trying to get our bearing, Ruetar powerfully stabs Luciferase in the back with a Ki-rin's horn, and then runs off somewhere. Luciferase goes off after him as he calls a few healing spells to take care of some of his wounds. My dumb luck, once again, I get cornered by scout bandits and have to battle all of them off.

Several blood splotches of blood at my feet later, I managed to attempt to get back to the group to help them with the fight Ruetar, who with his luck is not only engaged by the party, but also is trying to do his best defend himself against the annoying little scouts. Trixtax bash through all the fighting, shoving Ruetar out of the way to take several hits, allowing him to escape.

Once again, we all split to find our targets, when Sekilina over the device notifies everyone of the arrival of Wuolong and other reenforcements arriving at the scene. During the search, once again with my luck, I find Trixtax chugging hot chocolate from his bright green jug. I attempt to high-tail in gear, and make my way out of there, heading toward a marshy area of wood again.

After resting for a little bit to regroup what strength I have, I make my back into the ominous forest to help my commerades. Sneaking around the general area and making rounds to find everyone, I stumble into Wulong, Ruetar, and Trixtax. On seeing them, I attempt to go all ninja like and get away from them. After sometime I noticed Renoa has sustained some wounds, and lend her a head with some first aid, she grins widely as she wipes blood from her weapon, with which she had engaged Wulong.

Renoa leaves to go off in search of Wulong's party to go to fight them and find the other along the way. I once again go to attempt to find others in the group as well. While pausing to scan, Trixtax jumps on me, engaging me in combat. I fight back but all I hit is one of his illusionary images. I flee out, and as lady luck is against me, I end up fighting a pack of wolves, along with a few wargs. Trixtax, after sometime comes after me and plagues me. Wulong appears right behind me and joins the fight, sending me to my demise with the favored method of a shockwave, turning me to sparkling motes of dust.

"Report that!" was shouted as I woke up once again.

After several fights outside the dome to the arena, Uribam and party called it a night. I just laughed as I made the comment of reporting the battles of clans Honor, Mysterious of the Forgotten and Outlaw Legion. It seems these guys have fun fight hand to hand, weapon to weapon against each like it is a sport, and rightly so it is for them. I was out of my element, off balance, but one thing for sure is I know how to die, brush myself off and tell another report for the day with my trusty dictaimp. When dealing with pking, going into pk, I do advise:

  1. Read the help files on pking.
  2. Work with a buddy and practice in the pits.
  3. Get used to dying a lot, as it takes time to get the hanging of fighting players and mobs.
  4. Don't be up-tight serious about.
  5. Have a sense of humor about
  6. After dying, brush yourself off, and try again.
  7. Finally, have fun!
After healing up, learning a thing or two about not being a sitting duck, getting blood off my armor. I have to say is that this was just one of those misadventure type stories that you go on and do, and "reporting that." This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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