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New Items?
by Eloria

Speculation and rumors flying from the Research and Development Department of Medievia Castle have revealed that new weapons, helm, and elemental stones have been developed at the Traveling Caravan or have appeared at random areas throughout the realm. The Mudslinger did try to contact the head of R and D at Medievia Castle and the gods Ardothica, Arethusa, and Aewen, who are all remaining silent on these things.

So far, the information has been leaked to the public or found out by going undercover to the R and D Department. This is all that we have been able to uncover:

Caravan Equipment:

Nemesis Bow - unknown weapon

Some type of High Forest helm or similar prototype for a thief/warrior.

Elemental Stone: All that is known is that the elemental stones are of the element/emotion known as devotion. It has yet to be found out what type of elemental stone these are or what mob they are. It is speculated that a healer and a melee type are part of the new stones.

Once more information can be found out; it will be release to the public. This is the Mudslinger, out for now.


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