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Interview with a Faerie Goddess
by Eloria

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the Goddess Zuasha for the Mudslinger. Zuasha is a level 33 (total level 133) god who is a NPH (New Player Help). Below is what she had to say.

Eloria:: : What initially got you started playing Medievia, and how long have you been playing?

Zuasha::: Actually I got started playing Medievia as a bet back in 1992. My brothersí friend said that women always got things handed to them and guys had to do things themselves. So I set out on a task to prove him wrong by playing a male character. Clearly I still got free stuff just because of the respect I showed other players, so I proved him wrong and have been addicted ever since.

Eloria:: : How did becoming a god come about? Had this been your first application?

Zuasha::: After the many hours of playing this game I decided I would really enjoy being able to give back to it. I have always enjoyed help new players, so becoming an NPH felt like something I would be good and enjoy doing. As far as this being my first application, I actually applied a long time ago for a builder position. Originally, when asked for more information about the zone, real life was just too busy to consider accepting at that point in time.

Eloria:: : What had been your reaction to getting offered a job?

Zuasha::: I was surprised at first. I had gotten the telepath from Nykaul asking if I was at my keyboard and I knew what was going to happen. I had only recently sent in my application. I was not even sure that they had received. I was so surprised that I had gotten the job. I picked my name off of the pre-approved names because I not think of a name off hand.

Eloria:: : What do you do as a new player helper?

Zuasha::: As a new player helper, we greet and assist new characters with the game. There could be at least a hundred heroes that are pros at the game, but you still may see me telepath you a welcome message and an offer to help. We also monitor clan 50, answer any question, giving advice, and clearing any confusion new players may have.

Eloria:: : What is your favorite aspect of the job?

Zuasha::: I think my favorite part of the job is when the really new players log in and are clueless. They ask the cutest questions. I canít help but enjoy that aspect, after all when I started the help files werenít as fruitful and to the point. I think back about all those silly questions I asked, the ones that old players canít help but laugh at how basic it is. To me those are priceless so working one on one with them is truly my favorite part.

Eloria:: : Do you hope to move further up if possible?

Zuasha::: I would like to apply for other positions in the future, however if it doesn't happen, I shall be just as pleased being able to help the new players.

Eloria:: : What special efforts do you go through when greeting and helping?

Zuasha::: When greeting a player it is important that we make sure they have some concept of the game before considering them greeted. Just saying welcome and offering help is ok for some players, however others struggle with understanding how to reply or ask questions, so I like to check in on the players to make sure they at least know how to ask their questions before considering them greeted. Helping those ranges with many categories. Some want to learn what zones are right for them. Others want to learn what formations are. Of course there are always times old players are on new characters and comment on newbie clan about things such as lairs and great equipment or the occasional invite to Fire Giants Keep that sparks the interest and questions of new players.

Eloria:: : Who are some of the gods that you do work with?

Zuasha::: I get a chance to work with many of the other gods being it through email, or just in passing, as they teach me a new aspect of my job. Working with so many of them, I would hate to leave any name out.

Eloria:: : What do you like to do in your off time?

Zuasha::: I play my mortal characters just as I always did

Eloria:: : What was your reaction to the gods before becoming one?

Zuasha::: I have always held a high respect for the gods in this game. Since being as old of a player as I am, I have seen this game go from a 50-100 players max online to what it is today. I have also seen many of the problems they have had to deal with. I felt the gods are at work when on their gods and being disrespectful to them would be like going up to a cashier in Wal-Mart and cussing them out, I just do not do things like that. I let them do their job and try my best never to inconvenience them including but not limited to trying to stay out of trouble.

Eloria:: : Can you tell us more about what your job entails?

Zuasha::: Basically the job description of a New Player Helper would be to make a new player feel as much at home and comfortable as possible so that they will wish to continue coming back.

Eloria:: : As a god you must have to answer the same questions over and over, how do you deal with things like that?

Zuasha::: Well the good thing about having to answer the same questions over and over, is that I already know the answer! So it is not too bad repeating it. It's when they throw a tricky question in there that is hard for me. Sometimes it comes down to trying to understand what they are actually asking. Sometimes I just really have no clue about the answers, however in that case I admit I do not know and ask someone who might so the player can be properly helped.

Eloria:: : Where did you get the name Zuasha from, and what does it mean?

Zuasha::: Since I was not expecting a response about getting a god so soon, I really had never given any thought of what name I would choose if I got one. So brainstorming like crazy as Nykaul sat patiently, I sought help from that faithful pre-approved list, incase you do not know just type names. Low and behold there it was Zuasha. I might not truly know what it means, however when I had seen it I liked the friendly sound to it.

Eloria:: : Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Zuasha::: I would like to thank the staff at Medievia for giving me the opportunity to be a New Player Helper and thank the new and old players that make the job so much fun.

I would like thank Zuasha for the various questions that I had to plague here for this article and the fun time we both had with this. This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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