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August GTG - A Time for Hanging Out
by Eloria

This past Medievia GTG was held on August 4th at Vryce's house. The people that attended were: Columnus, Bberke, Sebastiana, Priko, Miko, Vryce, Junimus, and Soleil. Somewhere in there, I think this reporter forget their alter ego in game and attended as themselves. Actually everyone attended more as themselves than a bunch of people that play a game.

Everyone talked shop about the game, sharing old stories about past clans, or other hijinks in game. Darts were played which either Columnus or Vryce had won. As per usual someone played ping-pong, but due to not wanting to dodge the ping-ball, I gladly made my way to safety to another location.

Priko had told Vryce that he would come to the GTG if they bought a cake for his birthday. Holding true as Vryce and Soleil are known to do, they bought a cake for the young man, celebrating his birthday. So if some of you medders in game see him, wish him a happy belated birthday! A game of Texas-Hold'em was played by a few of the guests, for which in-game gold was played. Vryce gave the ok for it, and if people did not anti up in the end to the person who won, they would find themselves purged. Sebastiana cleaned house with everyone for an undisclosed amount of gold.

The GTGs are more of a time for players to get to know each other outside the game and their alter egos. It's more like coming to a family reunion than meeting a bunch of people you do not know. These GTGs give Vryce more inspiration to keep going where he goes with the game, and appreciates the support that the players give him. So until we all meet at some point or have a good laugh, this is the MudSlinger out for now!


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