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MudSlinger Exclusive: Medievia GTG 2007
by Eloria

To start off, this is the first GTG that has been held in almost six years. The last known GTG was at Shrefwan's in 2001. Vryce had promised that once most of Medievia 5.0 code had been written and finished that another GTG would be held. Well to the surprise of many, the very first GTG was held on February 3, 2007 at the headquarters of Medievia itself.

The trip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia seemed to go without a hitch with great weather. The original weather forecast had called for snow storms the whole weekend. Costic made the drive from Ohio in relative easy time. The trip itself was uneventful except for almost going into a toll booth the wrong way! After a few mixed up directions thanks to Google Earth, all went well for the trip to Vryce's and Soleil's place.

The people that were in attendance were: BBerke, Costic, Eloria, Hork, Sagien, Caelisa, Siulum, Quonsie, and Tagates. There was one special treat that no one had expected to see: Columnus had come to join some of the party. The one of the most memorable moments that occurred was when Vryce was totally awesome about letting everyone check out the very office of Medievia. Vryce made only one simple statement though: "Touch the keyboard and you will be purged."

Two games of ping-pong had been played. One in which Costic and Vryce played against one another, in which Vryce for sure was the best player. The other match had been Caelisa against Eloria in which Caelisa was the better player. Eloria just hits the balls just a bit too hard for ping pong and should stick to either doing art work or writing a paper.

The rest of the GTG had been for the most part getting to know other people from the game and outside the game. For example, BBerke brought his wife, who was not into Medievia but willing to meet the other players and seemed to enjoy the gathering to a certain point. The other interesting meeting had been the daughter of Quonsie and Tagates, who was having fun talking about the game from a young perspective. Otherwise most of the GTG had just been talking shop about the game.

Vryce hopes to have another GTG around May and with more children at the next GTG so that other families and such can bring their kids. All in all, the first GTG was a major success. Let's hope the other ones go great as well and everyone can meet as one big family and bring the people of the game together as a closer-knit group of people. This is the Mudslinger, out for now!


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