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A Predictive Groundhog
by Eloria

On this 20th Day of the Month of Autumn Twilight, Year 541, the thief god Ardothica and his dear comrade-in-arms, thief goddess Fayla, have gone before the Great Implementor Vryce, petitioning a new holiday to all of us in the realm of Medievia - a holiday that originally, as some ancient wizard wrote was from the unknown dimension of Earth called Groundhog’s Day.

To celebrate this grand occasion, a creature from the Earth realm was created - a groundhog that was the first of its kind by the name of Medsutawney Millie. It is said that this creature can predict the weather by looking at its shadow. If it sees its shadow, we shall have six more weeks of winter in the realm. If its shadow is not seen, it is predicted that winter will shortly end in our realm.

There have been many reports of seeing this creature, and if we shall have six more weeks of winter or if the cold and snow will soon abate for the joyous and beautiful warm weather that some of us have been craving. It has also been said that if the groundhog is found, a prize of some sort will be given to the lucky seeker.

Give cheers on this new holiday called Groundhog’s Day! This is the MudSlinger, out, till next time.


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