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When Goddesses Go On A Rampage!
by Eloria

It's taken a few days for this poor reporter to recover finally from the physical and mental trauma that happened recently with two goddesses by the name of Naima and Miatrylle (Alright, just a little exaggeration about mental trauma. Just a little beat up and sore). I cannot say much for the poor little dicta-imp who was with me to get the scoop. The little guy is going on strike unless I promise him not to get him hurt so much. Sorry, got side tracked from the story here!

While randomly passing through the central point of Medievia City, I arrived to find the Goddess Naima giggling gleefully for some unknown reason. Someone must have battled for fun with the goddess as they were asking her to heal them. She did heal them of their wounds, but still had a mischievous glint in her eyes. Naima and Miatrylle issued a challenge to whomever wished to fight them may in the dueling pits of the Warrior Quarter. The challenge was answered with great roaring and eagerness.

Timothious, Thonde, Rylur, Antony, Carsul and numerous others went down to challenge them, thinking they could stand a chance against the two goddesses. With always looking for a scoop, I descended down into the pit to try to get the story. Of course, as soon as I made it into the pit, I felt Rylur's blade go into my back. Thinking quickly through the haze of pain, I managed to whisper the words that would transport me back to the city's central point. Still being the sucker for a story, I went back to attempt again.

Typhius was outside the pits to attempt to go against everyone there. A scream that could curdle blood echoed throughout the battle pits.

"Who died now?" I asked

"Don't know! Just kill Rylur!" Typhius stated.

"I'm here for a story, not get myself killed!" I exclaimed as I tried to place my dicta-mp somewhere safe and then attempted to go back down.

Before heading down, I heard a shout for me to come to write a documentary on this epic insanity. The only response that could be given is if that would write about it, if I did not get killed. I guess the gods heard me, because the next thing I know someone had shouted that I was under god protection. One thing about Medievia, watch out for what you wish for, it just might happen.

Of course soon as I got down to the pits, all types of chaos ensued. Somehow I accidently angered the god Naima and she tried to get me. I fled, coming back to not get killed. Dorlok and Rylur were engaged in battle against Typhius. Timotheus ran to join the battle as he exclaimed, "The Axis of Anarchy (Clan 93) is defending the mighty gods!" Naima and Miatrylle both chuckled in response. Typhius unfortunately could not take the assault of the three combatants and bit the proverbial dust.

I took turns forming with Naima and Miatrylle to observe the battle without getting killed, unfortunately a few wise guys still targeted me so that I had to keep fleeing. Arriving back I found Miatrylle back-stabbing Rylur with a sharpened banana and taking a few others in the process. Naima and Miatrylle also had a go at a each other for a fight, in which neither win. For fun and because I wanted a piece of the action, I attempted to take them on, but instead they put me to sleep. Of course since the gods can show no favoritism, I had to pay the price for even their protection, Naima sent me to the realm of the dead with a black aura. She was kind enough to restore me to life afterwards, but at the cost of some wounds for a few days. The poor dicta-imp got a little toasty along the way for the ride.

This goes to show that even the gods on occasion wish to step down from the higher planes to have fun and entertain themselves at the cost of blood. Either way, everyone was restored and had fun. A few janitors could be heard grumbling about all the blood they had to clean. This is the MudSlinger, out for now!


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