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Dragon Hunting
by Eloria

On the 22nd Day of the Month of Autumn Twilight, Year 541, two brave adventures who were known to be very good at dragon hunting, by the names of Naia and Kisaragi, called forth a campaign to do away with some of the evil dragon populations. For some of them have been terrorizing the various cities and clan towns thoughout the realm.

Some of the heroes that came along for the slaying of the first dragon who were reported to be seen there were: Sigritt, Ghuiche, Grimzon, Jurius, and Zenn, to name a few. There were several other brave heroes and adventures that came along through the journey beneath the surface of the ground of slanted walls, pieces of ore with deep claw marks, and the horrible wafting of a horrendous order that periodically came from the depths of the lower tunnels.

After several hours of journeying through the lair of the scaled fiend, the two adventuring parties made their way through several deep tunnels that had everything from water oozing out from them to blood from what looked to be from remains of adventures that were not so lucky to make it out alive. The brave souls had to face down mobs that range from undead knights to water serpents.

After many fearsome battles and coming close to death multiple times, the adventures finally made it to the lair of Bokthaggau, the copper dragon. Many of the brave heroes had became grievously injured while fighting with the foul-breathed monster, but with the teamwork of everyone and many a cleric they all pulled through, pushing the foul creature out of its lair.

The dragon Bokthaggau fled, and in his rage went to attacking Eternity Clan Town. The adventures called forth friendly dragons to their aid to get to the town to save it from certain destruction, while others contacted friends and allies via means of messenger imp or if one was in clan by special telepathic bonds to summon aid.

The destroyer finally fell as Naia dealt the final death blow with a smile of triumph, and a loud cheer heard by all throughout the clan town. It was also reported later that night, the brave adventures felt called by fate and bound by duty and honor to slay Pongyrlia, the red dragon, which was said to have been attacking Altus Fidelitas clan town.

So when one is in need of exterminating fire-breathing terrors, who is one going to call? Hopefully one will call upon many of Medievia's finest dragon hunters to end its reign of destruction. Till next time, this is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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