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Death in Medievia!
by Eloria

A chilling event happened the eve of Groundhog's Day. A few of Medievia City's populace had reported seeing a stealer of souls, or one who happened to carry the departed to the afterlife when this life is over. The being known as Death was created by one gesture of the hand by Arethusa, for someone had done something to oppose the young godling.

Death - known alias Dark Lord Masou - reached out to the defiler Khain with his bony hand. As the touch of eternal slumber over took Khain, he paled so much that you could see right though his body. With several convulsions and screams of the dying, the young man fell completely to the floor lifeless.

Arethusa with a look of smugness had said something that those of us who walked the realms of this mortal life could not hear. The Lord of Death just glanced casually at the immortal female with a defiant tone said, "Muhahaha! Foolish godling, you cannot kill me!"

In a look of pure of impassiveness, Arethusa called forth from the heavens her awesome power. In a cyclone of blue-green flames, Death had been disintegrated, leaving nothing behind. Not even his scythe or robes were left for some nearby thief to loot - just ashes, which one of the many janitors just shrugged and cleaned up, acting as if it happened everyday in the city. Arethusa had come, was seen, and then was gone from the scene before a quote could have been given by Deity of Bananas.

Before her departure, the goddess had been kind enough to restore life to Khain after punishing him. He blinked around around and thought for a second, "Like ow." he stated as he winced from what happened before, "One should not mess with Death, he said as he made his way to the local healers.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, one may never know what strange sightings will be found in our world, as crazy and wonderful as Vryce and the mother Goddess had created this place for us. This is the MudSlinger out, for now.


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