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Creature of the Night
by Eloria

It has been reported throughout the realm that creatures that resemble flames or are the color of flames have been attacking ships during the late hours of the night. It has been noted that these creatures are a form of moth called Firemoths.

According to researchers, the moths have stingers which emit a very harmful poison, wings that are used as weapons, and a very viscous bite. From what some sailors have said, these creatures are very easy to predict and counter their attacks.

It is noted that Firemoths will only group together for protection if they are pregnant. When being very late into their pregnancy, the moths will land on ships, for they cannot fly for very long. It appears their food of choice on ships is to eat the rigging and sails, destroying it at a rapid pace.

If a pregnant firemoth dies on ship, if will spill out its young in swarms. The babies are easy to kill in small numbers, but as with any creature in nature, they will group in numbers. Bringing about a hive mentality common in any kind of insect colony, making them more deadly to kill. The baby firemoths are afraid of the rigging, and cannot fly so they should be fairly easy to kill.

In closing, if you see something on deck that looks like flying fire, you have a firemoth on your hands. Good luck with getting rid of them with a beat stick named Raid(TM). This is the MudSlinger out, for now.


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