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New Creations
by Eloria

Strange occurrences have been mentioned across the realm.. the formation of new islands have said to just randomly appear out of nowhere? What form of magic has been going? What does the great Vryce have planned for us?

One has yet to find out or see, we here at the MudSlinger have gone out on assignment to explore these new land formations. While trying to investigate them, Marious had been questioned by many of our staff, but Marious refused to comment or say anything, as per usual of the advisor to Vryce.

From what data and sketches that can be gathered so far, the islands have a center volcano that they form from. Some rivers have appeared on the islands, and some rivers do not form on them. The terrain has been everything from lush pine forest to very rocky slopes. Very sandy beaches have been formed as well.

The native creatures that seem to spawn on these islands have been xeurn, acid slugs, and mammoths that have been known to be indigenous to the Trellor and Mellorian Citadel areas. Renegade wizards and dark druids were seen here gathering who knows what for their spells and rituals.

The risk it seems to go on these islands is very high and dangerous. Soloing these islands is not recommended as when one becomes undead, there is no way to get off of the island with an unholy vial of water or to find an altar to beg the gods for the restoration of life.

Currently, it seems the only way to get from island back to the main land is by dragon or if a recall point back to a nearby city or town is close enough that one can get back by using magic or a potion that recalls one to said city or town. Also, if one is fortunate enough to get on a ship can one get off the islands.

From what research was conducted and explorations have documented, these islands are a great mystery. Until the Great Implementer Vryce speaks and tells us the purpose of these new islands, it will be unknown. Till then, happy exploring, this is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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