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Random Changes?
by Eloria

It has been recorded by guild masters and wizards everywhere that changes have been sweeping through the realm. From weapons changing or evolving to zones disappearing and reappearing for brief amounts of time, it is all seeming to bring about a balance to the world as we know it.

Thanks to the diligent work of a scribe of Arethusa, Ardothica, and Aewen, a listing of equipment that has evolved or changed has been procured. Here is the listing of the items which has been made known to the general public:

  • Firediamond ring - base of 22/22, with half-det removed, and bad tweak removed (no longer going below base)
  • Dagger of Fire - half-det removed
  • Dagger of Reckoning - half-det removed
  • Dark Knight Scaboard - half-det removed, tweaks between 2 -4 hr, with base of 25 hps, bad tweak removed.
  • Robes of the Arch Magi - base lowered and tweak added
  • Diamond Bracelet of Resonance - now tweaks
Some zones, according to the Research Department at the Academy of Braneri, have gone into a few changes as well, seeming to become an actual part of the world now. Here are the zones made known to the general public:
  • Lucynde's Challenge
  • Forest of the Undead
  • Fandi Isle
  • The M'Lanchai Edeterai Borough
With all of these changes and rumors that had been reported a while ago, it seems some of them have been confirmed as true. Should anyone have more information or would like to report any other unusual changes to our realm please contact us immediately. This is the MudSlinger, out for now.


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