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Calamity Out and About
by Eloria

The trade run started out normal enough as everyone in the trading party met at the Elven Merchant Trading Post with their covered wagons and goods to sell off. Each trader said a few quick prays to the gods, with the usual incantation of spells, and wishing one another well to a safe journey ahead. The leader of the party orbed us, cast mass quickness, mass invisibility, and ordered someone to cast mass refresh so we could make the journey with a low about of fatigue. Our intention was to take goods to one of the new by trading post several miles away from Medievia City.

As we set out to go and head out on the first few steps of our journey, a ragged group of messangers and merchants from Sea's End come stumbling into the front doors of the trade post.

"Please dear merchants, help us!" the one ragged messangers pleaded with us, "Asteroids have struck our homes and businesses, leaving many of us without work, food or shelter."

The trade party all nodded in agreement to help the unfortunate people, while others who came by the trading post were there to make money off of the poor souls. As it has always been in realm, there are those there to help and serve, and those who wish to make money at the cost and expense of others, no matter how big or small the situation..

After about half a day's journey and the first few hours of dusk to reach us from the amber glow of the setting sun, we had encountered your usual mob factions of centaur bandits, wolves, pigs and lions. We were not so lucky that when we saw the town of Sea's End on the horizon, a haunted forest had to appear out of no where with a few stray centaur bandits who managed to escape from a group of traders before us. The mass amount of mobs were too many to handle. Some how my dicta-imp made it to safety on my freshly dead body.

The necromancer came as is customary when one's life force is put an end in the realm. It is the one way Vryce has blessed everyone not to suffer true death, unless one wishes to die forever, never to be seen again. The necromancer does his ritual and we all rise from the earth, looking for an altar to restore us to our true bodies, and having our souls return as they should be.

A crack of thunder is heard as the undead party and other undead traveling merchants make their way to the altar at the closest temple. The land starts becoming a barren waste land stripped of all our rae magic. The sky looks to be on fire as the demonic storm rages out of now where. A Hellraider has appeared to bring chaos to the realm, the only bad part to this, he decided he wanted hang out not far from Sea's End.

As I make it to the temple in my undead form, my dicta-imp cries and pleads to go to safety. As I am about ready to go through the door, Hellraider just stand there grinning and laughing manically.

"Would you like to be interviewed for the Mudslinger?" I ask him.

He answers me with a manic laugh and disappears for a few minutes to go nail some poor, unfortunate soul to a cross. I took that as a 'no' to my request. At this point I just shrug, go to the altar, and get restored to the land of the living. The rest of the trading parties and traveling merchants all have gotten their souls and bodies back at this point. Someone farsights outside the altar and sees Hellraider just back to hanging outside the altar.

"Hey! Hellraider is just chilling outside the altar!" someone yells.

"Cool! Can I get his autograph?" someone else shouts back.

"Sure if you want to get nailed and looted!" another person shouts.

After all the fun jokes and regrouping, we find that the road to Sea's End has been blocked by various trade run mob factions, making it impossible to take the wagons and freight to the trade post. There was no going back with Hellraider blocking the way back toward Medievia City. It looked like a hopeless situation.

Then out of no where, the entire realm blacks out as a quest causes severe magical storm so bad that everyone is knocked out and has their senses overloaded. Once everyone re-awakens and regroups we find that the terrible Hellraider, the asteroids and mob factions all disappeared as if nothing had happened. Everyone made it to Sea's End safely, made some cash, and helped some people out. 'Til next time, this is the Mudslinger, out for now!


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