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July 4, 2009

Double your tokens, double your fun!
by Loreis

As many of us know, yesterday Vryce made an announcement, using the NEWS command: Double tokens! If you donated one hundred dollars, you received two hundred tokens! Players could also be rewarded with one time only medals, depending on how much they donated. It was a donation frenzy, with someone (and most of us do not know who) donating one thousand dollars! As gold is about to become taxable, spending gold on tokens seems like a wise investment.

I watched the Chat channel as I checked my modes, and suddenly, a name I had not seen in a very long time popped up-Antons. Then Lorakiss emerged from the darkness as well, and when I visited the library, I happened upon Frostblood, sitting and reading postings on the bulletin board. Now, in all fairness, some of these unpurgings were met with more enthusiasm than others, and a member of my clan was heartily disappointed regarding one particular rebirth. However, we have to remember-when it comes down to it, purging, and the reversal of, is Vryce's call. Yes, we can complain (to ourselves, lest we find out how quickly those little gags go out!), yes we can mutter under our breath, and telepath clan and bloodline with our misgivings. It's not our decision. The good news? Leopards don't change their spots, and odds are that some of these players who have been "forgiven" will lapse back into their old habits, and perhaps accrue a more permanent purge. So, whine away, but be patient. Most of us know who is reformed and who is not!

On a much happier note, this double token festival meant that newer players, who perhaps could not afford two donation items at the regular amount, had the ability to really bump up their stats, or turn in a dragon crystal, or become a hoarder by wearing a Magical Pocket. Oh wait, that's me.  Whatever we choose to do with our tokens, we helped Vryce with a difficult situation, and I, for one, am happy to do that. I plan to send some to my bloodline, and hopefully sell some, and wait for a rose-related CI to become available (hint hint!). The token fest is over, but I know many people bought a lot of tokens, and are waiting to trade them, perhaps for the elusive ruby hides that are so expensive these days. Maybe for a Portable Hole filled with fae orbs. Or maybe, just maybe, we will see a level 25 single Cleric wandering around with a full donation set, grinning from ear to ear, with a little spring in their step!

Thank you, Vryce, for Christmas in June, and thank you Soleil, for keeping up with what must have been an onslaught of donation requests!



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