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June 8, 2009

Double XP - A History
by Belladain

I have played Medievia for a very long time.  I remember when there was no wilderness, dragon flight, or  trading.  Kingdoms rose and fell.  Towns built and destroyed.  Heros come and gone.  There has been one thing throughout the history of our world that at the core has never changed....gaining experience.  To get from level 1 up to hero you must gain experience.  The gaining of experience at its base as remained the same.  Kill mob x and gain y experience.  The amount you get for mob x however has drasticly changed throughout the years.

 Double experience days were introduced at the pleasure of the Gods of Medievia and eventually became based on whether or not we won a vote for best mud at a mud voting website.  We were rewarded with them once a month for an entire weekend if we placed first, although we usually got them even if we did not place first which(not that we ever lost).  These were times of rejoicing as the population of newbies dramatically increased and for the first time having a second and even third or fourth hero was not uncommon.

While double experience days were nice the advent of kingdoms went a long way to making the gaining of experience much easier.  After months of fighting the borders between the Kingdom of Eternal Light and the Empire of the Blood Moon stabilized allowing for consistent "invasions".   Invading a kingdom required you to start at the border of your kingdom and "invade" into the other kingdom.  This increased the amount of experience you gained per kill by a lot.  The trade off was that players from the enemy kingdom were able to pk you anywhere.  It was the height of xp gaining.  Invading on a double xp day was something we all looked forward to.  Further for most of the kingdoms cycle is was possible to bypass the requirement of starting at your border by starting your invasion a few spaces away from the zone you were going to.  Warrens was a new zone and by far the most popular spot for the soldiers of KoEL to invade.  Billions of xp was gained.

After kingdoms went to the wayside and we all mourned the loss of such great xp, we were glad to hear that double experience days were to be maintained.  Time went on and double experience days were be replaced by double experience ALL THE TIME!  This was the hay day of leveling up.   The first few months of constant double xp saw experience gain on an epic scale.  This was around the time stats started to be kept and you would consistently see people gaining billions of experience per month.  People were multi-classing in 1 weekend.  After experience to gain levels was tweaked to only needing half of what you needed for your first class and 3/4 for your second, people would triple class in 1 weekend.

It was a dark day for those gaining experience when the lights went out on double experience..........  Times were tough.  Double experience was not even happening on a monthly basis...what were we to do to gain levels?  Experience forms were almost non existent for a while.  Most new players had to be xped by hero friends or take the slow trek of 1.00x xp solo.  A glimmer of hope soon shown through the dark however.......a new spell would be introduced......

There has always been a love hate relationship with shipping by many players.  Those who ship on a regular basis absolutely love it.  Some have never found it appealing because of the steep cost to get started.  Everyone who needed xp though would gain a new found respect for shippers when the spell "DOUBLE EXPERIENCE" was introduced.  I am not familiar with the details of how to cast this spell but when it is cast experience gain is doubled for 24 hours.  There are players who have donated tokens, gold, and equipment to people if they would cast double experience.  Combined with the daily fog that rolls in and the potential for xp is through the roof.

The introduction of fae orbs has also provided a boon to individual players who participate in fae activities or who can afford to purchase full ones.  With the right code you can use a fae orb with 1million fae in it to increase your own xp to double for one hour.  Individual double xp for an hour is never a bad thing for most of us.  Fae orbs will also double experience to quadruple xp if used during a double xp cast by a ship or invoked by the Gods.

Many of the zones that have opened up in the last few years have been dubbed "xp zones" by the masses.  These places have helped make it possible to gain the xp needed to level, multi, and hero in a fairly short amount of time compared to years in the past.  The ability to globally chat and get an xp form has also been a factor in allowing people to xp more consistently instead of having to rely on a town who may or may not be made up of mostly heros who likely are not that interested in xp - I would like to acknowledge that Gnoden has been very generous with his time as a hero in helping new players xp.  He has his own goals in mind, but by joining forms and helping other players xp he has become known to many newer players as a friendly and respectful hero.

While many of us wish there were some changes made to how you level, such as making some higher level aq's manageable or making solo trading for lower levels doable.  The ability to gain such a large amount of xp in such a short amount of time is a boon in these tough times when dragon lairs are few and far between and killing Zuldahun as a level 25 triple class with no talismans for an aq is impossible.



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