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July 4, 2009

Death in the Clouds
by Loreis

Raythe, Wasabion and Liece approached the golden ladder. Wasabion was leading this form up into The Realm of the Cloud Giants, with Raythe and Liece in tow. They felt fairly confident about their chances, and Liece had  been awarded day long sanctuary earlier that very morning, and the Fae Bat medal, so she was standing a little taller, and glowing a little brighter than her companions. Climbing the ladder up, up, up into the clouds, the form was greeted by tempest after tempest; immune to bashing and kicking, they died to spells and oak staves. The adventurers rested for a few moments, as Wasabion confessed he was not all that familiar with this zone. No matter, Raythe, Liece and Wasabion were sure they could do well in Cloud Giants, and gain much needed experience. They gained something else as well.

Wasabion roused her form, Liece raised a blue orb high into the air, and after quaffing armor, bless, and cloudy potions, they were off. Striding north, our cast of characters found more tempests, some giant commoners, and guards. Now, none of these mighty fighters was a Mage, so there was no kickback, no zippy regeneration, there was just blood, and falling hit points. Raythe was first to fall, then Wasabion, and as Liece fled, she realized she could not sneak, and as she fumbled to find a cloudy potion, a giant (and I mean GIANT) guard rudely put a sword through her head. Liece fell, dead, upon the ground, and the first thought that ran through her aching head was how she had just lost her 4000+ tick sanctuary. Sigh.

Each corpsed in time, and Wasabion shouted apologies. When Liece and Wasabion rejoined the living, Liece informed her bloodline cousin that she had in fact lost her day long sanctuary. Wasabion mailed her a pulsating wormhole, a handy little item found in wagons within the forests of The Coliseum; a cooler version of a sanctuary orb! I'm certain that when next I hear from Liece, she will have died many more times, but on the bright side, she died with family and friends. Somehow, that really does take some of the sting away! I would like to thank Wasabion for using her limited Thief mana to keep Liece from drowning in Ryvaera as well. It's going to be a long summer...




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