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May 17, 2009

by Loreis

Every time I return to Medievia, I am greeted by members of my clan. It is a wonderful way to start my day, or continue it after a break. Many newer players ask why they should join a clan, what belonging to a clan means, and how to choose one. Hopefully, this article will provide some answers!

When you first start out in Medievia, you belong to Clan 50, the New Adventurers Clan. This clan is specifically for low level players, under level 26, who need extra help learning the ins and outs of Medievia. As members of Clan 50 level, they will be approached by clan leaders or members from other clans, looking to swell their ranks. When that happens, it is important to know a few things about yourself as a new player, and use this knowledge to find the perfect clan for you. What is it that you want to do in Medievia? Do you want to sail the oceans, killing serpents and protecting Medievia from the Khrait? Or are you more of a dragon slayer, sneaking through dragon lairs, collecting dragon hides? Maybe equipment is your favorite aspect of Medievia, and you want to run every zone, accruing massive EQ points and amassing a small fortune (or big one). Is running from trade city to trade city your obsession, fighting rogues and haunted forests?  Or are you like me; lurking around corners in the Catacombs, picking eggs off unsuspecting cave weeds, and slaughtering mud men, fire wolves and bears, oh my? Whatever you want to do, there is a clan for you!

There are several commands that will help you find a good fit with a clan. Clanrank will show you how each clan stacks up against each other, and using O for Order and C for Chaos gives you even more detail and choice. SHOWCLAN <number> gives you information on a specific clan, including members, clanitem, and their individual ranks. There is a clan recruitment board in Medlink, and you will always find Heroes there, some looking for new clan members.

Now, a note about loyalty. Some people in Medievia change clans like I change socks. I personally have been in 3 clans, and loved every moment. If you find a clan, and it starts out as the perfect relationship, but something changes, tell the clan leader. If, for example, you join Clan A because they ship constantly, but their two captains retire, and the shipping parties are no more, that is a good reason to chat with your clan leader. Maybe you can Ship Train, and learn to captain yourself, or maybe you are looking for a new clan. Either way, always spend a few minutes with your clan leader. He or she put a lot of time, energy, and gold into their clan, and it is a sign of respect to let them know how you are feeling. Oh. If you find a clan you love, and stay, at the end of one year, you receive a medal for clan loyalty! That is a good medal to have, as it shows other Medievians what sort of person you are, and many good things may come of it.

On a final note, some clans in Medievia do not accept non heroes. Do not let that keep you from looking for, and finding, a clan. My clans have helped me through some of the most difficult events of my life, I have found friends that I consider some of my closest, and when I got CPK-ed, my clan found me, sobbing at the Medieiva altar, and within 15 minutes, every piece of equipment I had just had ripped away was replaced. THAT'S what a clan is: it's family. Good luck, and remember-the perfect clan is out there, and now you know how and where to look!



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