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September 14, 2008

Citizens of Medievia
by Mycila

Citizen's of Medievia Lend Me Your Ear!!

The 15th Day of the Month of the Frost Giant, Year 544 is when it started. Articles have been written about the happenings on that day. This is not one of those articles.

This is a call to all citizens of Medievia. It is what must be done to save our world. While the wizard Marious is searching for frae, we must get organized.

When the call is made, all must be ready to stand and fight!

All of the citizens of Medievia: bitter enemies and closest friends, bloodlines and orphans, Newbies and Legends, mortals and Immortals MUST BAND TOGETHER!!!

Put away your petty differences and hatred you may have for each other. No one can do it alone no matter how mighty you may be. Some of the best must step up and organize us all. Who will lead? Will it be an elected official, one of the great clan leaders, a Serpent Hunter, a Dragon Hunter, or a Master Hero?

Who will come up with THE PLAN to defeat those from AFAR who would destroy our way of life? Do you want to bow to another race of people?

Come together as if we are one and we shall live on in the annals of history.


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