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The Fall of The High Seas
by Chryos

It was the 8th Day of the Month of Autumn Twilight, Year 541.

That cold ocean air, so cold it burned your nose. The salt air filling every breath.

Shrefwan took his post aboard the crow's nest, watching over everything the crew was doing. Such a crew - bold adventurers all who came aboard to help rid Medievia of one of the newest threats to our land, the serpent. Those slithering denizens of the deep, who have made their home in our oceans.

We set out on our journey in search of those wretched beasts. We had journeyed together before, the Captain and myself, aboard this ship of almost mythical standings; the High Seas. With record highs of over two million fae, and nearly twenty-two thousand serpents points, the ship was out to beat their own scores.

So we set sail, with the best crew of serpent hunters Medievia has to offer. Today, those serpents would have to run and hide, because holy vengeance was about to wrought. It didn't take long for the battle to begin, the DM felt it necessary to test our strength, and wits, by sending aquoderms. Shrefwan held his place aboard the crow's nest - if a serpent were to sneak up on us, we might be in trouble. The sea worms quickly squirmed below decks, trying to take out the crew person by person. Angeliqa quickly got the crew organized, and together began battle with the derms. The derms, though vicious, soon fell to the spells and blades of the crew.

Though the battle with the derms was short, it was not peaceful for long. We quickly entered serpent territory, and almost immediately we saw a glimmer of violet just underneath the surface of the water. With a quick call to arms Shrefwan shouted for our larboard side to open fire. With that, the battle was on. As soon as the first shots hit the beast, it reared up, staring at us with three heads. Then quickly dove again. From afar Shrefwan viewed the serpent coming at us, fast. "Load Larboard!" We needed to get all of our guns reloaded, before the serpent was to attack again. Arrumar grasped the wheel a bit tighter, making sure our course was true. The serpent came closer and closer, and just when it was almost on top of us, "FIRE!". A shot hit it in the face, and quickly turned it away. This serpent was going to be no trouble at all, We had all fared quite well against much harder adversaries in these waters, and no eel-headed beast was going to hurt us.

The serpent was quickly destroyed, volley after volley made sure of it. With the beast's corpse in the water we all grabbed our hooks and ran to the edges, hauling up more and more meat from the serpent's giant remains. Serpent meat seems to be the best thing to use to attract other serpents. So we started throwing more and more of the smelly carcass into the water, hoping to attract, bigger, badder serps. A crossbreed was next. Crossbreeds have advantages from both sides of their parentage, but cannot break apart when killed. It slowly rose up, shining glowing gold and glistening emerald in the moonlight. Though through all menacing it did on our nerves, it was no match for what slithered under our boat. A hideous streak of ruby as far as the eye could see.

It reared its ugly hammer head out of the water, which immediately sent chills down the crews' spine. This thing could very easily sink our ship, and kill everyone aboard. Immediately, we bore down on the serpent. Though it may have been big enough to swallow us, there was no way we were going to lose. Quickly we eradicated the golden emerald serpent for we had much bigger fish to fry. Volley after volley the crew fired at the beast, slowly but surely wearing its life down. The brace crew fared well against the giant foe, carefully timing their shots with the orders of the captain. The battle was long, but the serpent couldn't even touch us, out ship had fared incredibly well so far. Soon the serpent was dead, a wonderful gift for the necromancer to bless our journey.

We discovered the gods were not on our side this day, for when the final shot hit, and killed our foe, it split, turning what was a difficult job, into sheer terror. The crew, dazed from the long fight, still weary from battle, manned the guns, ready to follow the orders of the captain. The exhaustion got the best of us though, when trying to keep one baby from hitting us, another would come forward in its place, ready to annihilate our ship. Bravely the crew fired, but the beast's offspring rammed us again and again. The hammer-headed serpents were too much for us, and with one last final strike, we sank.

That ship of legend, gone in an instant.

So all that remains of our faithful day, is this log, to be remembered by future generations of serpent hunters to come.


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