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Harsh Reality
by Chryos

Death is a part of life. Life inevitably leads to death. Life and death itself play a huge part in Medievian lives. We all know the words when we die, with the necromancer preparing our corpses. Today though, we grieve for the loss of a fellow Medievian.

On 08/27/2006 one of our fellow players, friend, husband, father, Devievoker was struck down by a drunk driver. He and his wife (who played for a short while under the name Aki) were taking a walk around their neighborhood when they were run down by a driver under the influence, who sped off, running away from the scene of the crime. Devievoker's wife died on the scene, and Devievoker himself died later while on the operating table.

They left behind a small daughter who was less than a year old, and thankfully was not with them when this horrific tragedy occurred. According to Devievoker's nephew, she will be very well taken care of. This was not a Medievian death, no waiting 10 minutes to resurrect, it's real life, where death means no coming back. Devievoker was said to be a caring, helpful player, willing to be there for those he cared about and even those who didn't know him very well. We will miss him, and wish his daughter will have the best life she possibly can throughout her hopefully many remaining years. Please be sure to stop by 71 clantown to visit "A Shrine to Devievoker"

Here are some comments from one of his friends:

"The thing about Devie that I found so amazing was his enthusiasm for everything.

But he really had everything to be happy for. I remember him asking me and Thalesia about pregnancy. He worried about his wife during the entire duration of it, but he was so excited at the thought of having a child. When the little girl arrived he was elated. He literally was a man who had finally gained everything he wanted.

He talked to everyone on Medievia. Every time I logged in, if he saw me he was talking to me. He always said hello and good bye. I never, ever recall him saying anything in anger about anyone. I know it sounds corny to say it, but he was a truly nice man. It seems strange that you can mourn someone you never really met, but he was so happy in his life and he shared that happiness, and I just feel like his loss is not just a loss to me, or to Medievia, or his family, but to a world who is sorely in need of more kind, happy, gentle souls like his. I miss him. Rina"


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