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All Hallow's Eve
by Chryos

It's holiday time again, and Halloween is fast approaching. That time of the year when the border between realms grows weaker. When even a person's demons come closer to the surface. In Medievia, though, this is a time of celebration, to indulge in those wicked fantasies only reserved for this strange time of year. A time to bask in the blood of your foes. To have fun in every way you can think of, though please be aware of the laws of the realm, since getting frozen or purged definitely isn't fun.

Halloween means special tricks and treats bestowed upon us by the gods themselves. Treats like the magic broom, a permanent mount faster than an appaloosa, and with more movement as well, and tricks like the holo witch, who will either give you something good or something bad. Even the non-heroes can participate in a fun Halloween autoquest.

Expect to see a lot of dragons (and of course, Champion Hero mounts too!), flying around Medievia - we surely need to find those holo-sections! So keep making that money; you'll need it to find the holo's. Each holiday season, lots of money is removed from circulation for this very reason. Now, lots of people get fed up and frustrated since these holo-sections load randomly in the wilderness, and take up only 4 of those rooms, and with a wilderness that consists of thousands of rooms - that's a lot of searching! Especially when you have to type survey every time your dragon moves! A tip though for those intrepid explorers who have the patience and will to find these elusive holo's; "survey zone" will make sure you only find the holo's and other zones, and avoids spam from all the ships around all the docking ports around Medievia!

So happy holidays Medievia! And happy hunting!


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