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A Video Gamer's Lament
by Chryos

Years ago I got started on Medievia. This text based game with a black background. No pictures, closest thing was the wilderness map, completely done in ascii characters to represent various things. The screen moving so fast I could barely keep up with anything. Video game consoles still all the rage then, I quickly got distracted by a game with moving pictures, game types from shooters with lots of blood and gore, to RPGs with beautiful scenery. Hours of playtime later, a game I had spent varying amounts of cash on to buy and play, were over. Through different difficulties to secrets in the game, they all ended, and had nothing new to do.

So again I return to Medievia, spend hour after hour leveling, working through different multi-level requirements, and discovering each class again. This fast scrolling game of no actual pictures. No matter what you do, there's always something new. From new people to new features. Like a book that never, ends we keep typing away and writing our own story. Tomorrow I may go down to some local video game store, buy something for 40 bucks that may entertain me 40 hours, have fun with it, set it aside and never use it again. Yet years ago I downloaded mudmaster, took the time and learned how to play Medievia, a game I didn't spend a single cent on, and can play everyday.

In Medievia holidays are celebrated, and with a little work you get incredible presents from each. New game features such as serpents, ships themselves, new mob factions, zones. New ways all around to write your own story.

How will yours be written?


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