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Fothlyr, Gone!
by Chryos

Is that right? Foth is gone? That's right Medievia! Foth is gone. Fothlyrdrag, the scourge of Medievia, to whom so, so many adventurers have given their life to destroy, is finally no more. Despite failed effort after failed effort of trying to kill the beast, it is gone. Was this through some superhuman form? Some power hungry god? No, simply lost in information, with Medievia's big crash. This, though, may not be a bad thing. We may have lost the ability to destroy him ourselves, but this crash means that all Medievians will reap the rewards of Vryce's latest investment. Does this mean that it's now the best time to donate to Medievia for gear? Absolutely! Anytime is a great time to donate to Medievia!

Is this really the end of Fothlyrdrag? Medievia seems to be having issues temporarily, but with the new server the options are endless. Foth has even taken place in Medievian storyline, but Foth is gone. He may be resurrected some day, but it's anyone's guess. All we can do is hope! Medievia has a set amount of names available for dragons, and even if they're randomly generated from certain name sections, the possibilities of Foth coming back is actually not bad. Even more recently Moxon was reincarnated as a black dragon, so we can all hope, Medievia, that one day Foth will return!


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