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High Seas Reaches 5 Million Fae
by Chryos

The High Seas once again set out to rid the Medievian Seas of the serpent menace. With Shrefwan captaining the ship, the fearless crew set out on what would be a record breaking voyage. The High Seas has broken all the other ship records for Fae, serpents killed, and all other ship statistics. Shrefwan has been captaining ships against the serpents for quite a while now. His ships have a tendency to be ground-breaking voyages, sometimes with Vryce testing certain ship aspects with the crew, and other times just a steady flow of strong serpents.

Amidst bloody battle's spattered with serpents blood and exhausting mob factions, the ship finally reached over 5 million fae, and is still going. Upon last check the High Seas had 5,702,233 Fae.

Today the High Seas still sails the oceans of Medievia searching for serpents, and the new menace to Medievia; the Khrait. Keep an eye on CE for helping this legendary ship to rid the seas of Medievia of these new foes, and to sail into new adventure!


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