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A Day in The Life of The Crier
by Chryos

People far and wide flock to Medievia, perhaps after a hard day's work, or coming home after a beer with friends. Perhaps tired from watching the kids, but we all have a way to relax, here on Medievia. A place of fun where you can meet and compete with people from all around the world. Then shove a dagger in their back.

But what about the person who's job is *in* Medievia? I'm speaking of Famar, the Town Crier. All day he stands around, announcing new players to Medievia, never getting paid for his work. Standing next to the scribe, who just sits there, never having to say a thing, selling newspapers and actually getting paid for what he does. Our fair crier stands around preaching of Medievia waiting to be killed by some happy-go-lucky hero that just happens to want to murder him.

To make matters worse death isn't the end, he comes back every three minutes to announce the amount of rooms and zones currently in Medievia. Every few minutes he must announce the amount of players currently on, only waiting to be killed and robbed by them again, probably wondering the whole time, "Why don't they kill that stupid scribe?". Even if he brings his own money, people come by, kill him, and take it for themselves.

And you think you had a hard job?


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