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Elements of Nautical Chaos
by Chryos

Sea battles in Medievia today have come quite far from the original creation of the ships here in Medievia. From Mob Factions that kill you just for trying to cast a spell, to even gender-specific Mob Factions. Medievia has become increasingly more and more difficult in that respect, so I'm here to offer a look into what Ship Mob Factions are like these days.

Let's start with a look into evil Mob Factions that make every boating trip quite an adventure.

Khrait Scoutships: These are the newest Mob Faction to hit Medievia's sea's, and they sure hit with a bang. They're attracted to ships with lots of Fae. When a ship reaches about 500,000 fae on board at that time, the ship is very much in danger of a Khrait attack. The inception of these was quite a bit of genius. You can tell easily when the Khrait are upon you - the sky itself rips open. They come in packs of ships, on board the new Sitharon class vessels. It's quite amazing to see the DM organize the Khrait over shout; they have their own language and even take the time to figure out who gets on what gun aboard their ships. They are smart, too, they know exactly how to avoid incoming shots upon their own vessels. Though, no matter what the difficulty of these Khrait ships, the good news is you can steal them for your own clan! Just drive the boat close to the Khrait ships and grapple them, then board and destroy the Khrait themselves enemy by enemy. After they've all died you can claim the ship for yourself! This can get confusing when multiple clans come aboard the ship at once, a prior plan, or perhaps rolling for the ship might be best to determine which clan gets to keep it.

Ruby Kah: The Introduction of the Ruby Kah was both horrendous and spectacular both at once. These Kah come aboard ships and prevent serpents from attacking the ship, which can save you from sinking if your ship is badly damaged, but the news isn't all good - they themselves will kill you quite quickly. When they come aboard there are certain rules you must follow to stay alive:

  1. No Breathing Above Deck! To clarify "above deck" is a deck that has outside rooms, below deck has absolutely no outside rooms anywhere on that level. If you are not below deck keep your breath below 100, or they will grab you and toss you into the Crow's Nest, which will more than likely kill you quite quickly.
  2. No Casting Above Deck! If you aren't below decks the Kah will grab you for casting a spell, and yes they will grab you for etherealing upwards onto an above deck level!
  3. No Shouting Above Deck! Self-Explanatory.
  4. Do Not Carry Fish or Serpent Meat Above Deck! They must not like the smell or something, because they will immediately grab you and take you to the Crow's Nest for carrying either.
  5. Do Not Fire a Gun Above Decks. You can only fire guns from the lower decks with the Ruby Kah aboard, or yes they will grab you for this too.
  6. Do Not Be In a Room With More than 3 People Above Deck! For this reason the thief ability "scan", A Crown of Proximation, A Helm of the High Forest, or a Marious's subterranean helm, all come in handy, since you cannot cast spells above deck, these are ways to be able to see how many people are in the room next to you without getting grabbed.
  7. Do Not Be Mounted! Yes, do not be mounted, sometimes people will walk mounts aboard, or you'll see people mounted on top of the Halloween brooms, but being mounted will get you grabbed.

The Ruby Kah can either ruin the day, or save it, just follow these simple rules and you just might survive your encounter with the Ruby Kah. Recently in "Changes" Vryce has told that now Ruby Kah can be scared away! Quite useful when you have kind of a weak crew, it's been changed that lower level guns can now be fired while the Kah are aboard. After you successfully land 10 hits "or so" on your target, the Kah will leave the ship.

Firemoths: These moths only attack at night, they are the size of a person and have poison stingers. They can bite, and even attack you with their wings. At night these moths come aboard and go into the rigging, eating up the sails very quickly. Now don't be confused, Firemoths are NOT like Firesticks, it is perfectly safe to cast on them, and even recommended! Once you destroy a moth its babies could potentially fall out of its belly, and you will have to fight them too, and though they attack in large numbers they are rather easily killed.

Kraken: The Kraken are one of the more difficult mob factions. The arms of the beast can enter a room even if it's shielded, then drag you into the room where the body itself is, and generally do quite a bit of damage to you. The best strategy is to kill the arms separately from the main body, then go in and take on the body itself once most of the arms are dead, that way you have as few of the arms to deal with as possible.

Searams: Searams appear as a red blob in the waters on your ship map. They slowly circle your ship. The ship should be steered directly into them, since if they hit you from the side of the ship they do damage to it. If they approach from either the bow or aft they come aboard, and you must fight them. They generally will not come aboard all at once, and instead send in various groups of rams to take out the crew. Sometimes you kill a mother and babies fall out of its stomach, but they aren't nearly as hard as their parents. The Searams will board the ship on the side that they approach from, either bow or aft.

Sea Termites: Ship crews need to constantly sweep the ship for this Mob Faction, they will not show up on sense presence until one of the crew actually sees them. The queen will constantly spawn more guards until she is destroyed. They destroy rooms in the lower deck of the ship and so need to quickly be exterminated after being detected. These termites can quickly ruin your day and sink your ship.

Giant Aquoderms: These are giant sea worms that attack your ship, they have a tendency to head both below decks, and to the Crow's Nest. If the aquoderms successfully reach the Crow's Nest they can call for help and summon even more aquoderms to the ship! Each time an aquoderm kills a player, it gets stronger, and risk is always a factor in the strength of the derms.

Firesticks: The Firesticks are one of the deadliest Mob Factions in the ocean. Fae magic swirls around them, and they can rip off pieces of themselves to throw at you, but this is not why the firesticks are so dangerous. If a player casts a spell in the same room as a stick, it will explode, which kills the player, destroys the room, and sets it on fire! Meleers should be the frontline against these foes.

Night Sirens: One of the newest terrors to hit our seas, these frightening creatures are an interesting twist to any sea battles. They give you a warning message first, which gives all the men aboard the ship just moments to get below decks. They appear only at night, and will immediately kill any man that they come across. This means that it's the women's time to shine, since only they can defeat the Night Sirens. If you're a man and you see their message, RUN!

Lastly here are the good Mob Factions, the one's that can save the day.

Emerald Kah: When the DM feels the ship is sad, it'll send the Emerald Kah. These kah circle the ships and appear as green patches in the water. They increase your speed by double, but slowly drift off in power, ending up at the end with only a 20% increase. In order to call for these sea snakes you must go into the Crow's Nest and shout anything that contains the word "help", but someone else aboard the ship must be engaged in battle to either a player or a creature for them to heed the call. A warning about Kah, whatever kills they get will NOT count toward the fae you earn from the Mob Faction, so they can steal fae by killing your enemies.

Sea Griffins: These beasts are said to have the head of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. They were scared out of their homes from afar by wolfbeetles who use their young for their twisted magic. The griffins will take refuge on board the ship to have their babies. While aboard they will fight to protect their young, and keep the crew of the ship from harm. When they are around, the speed of the ship will increase by 100. Unlike the Kah you do not need to call for help from the griffins, they give it freely. It's said they are attracted by firestick and kraken meat, so if you recently defeat that type of mob faction the griffins might come aid your vessel.


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