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High Seas Reaches 11 Million Fae!
by Chryos

For Captain Shrefwan and the brave adventurers who have dared to venture onto the High Seas, patience and honor seem to have finally prevailed. For months now the High Seas has been sailing the seas of Medievia, fighting the serpent menace, and terrorizing the Khrait Scoutships.

High Seas has broken every serpent record out there, seeing the most serpent action of any other ship, not to mention having more Khrait attacks, serpents to its name, and has made more than it's fair share of Medievian players into almighty serpent hunters. Now, this legendary vessel and captain has done what all other Medievia's captains can only dream of. Over 10 million fae has been earned aboard this ship. I myself, your friendly neighborhood reporter, owe almost all of my serpent points to this incredible vessel. Serpents of all colors and sizes, heads and tails, even different bodies, have come to sink this mighty ship, and only once has this boat sank. The past helps us to learn what we did wrong, to not make the same mistake again, and we learned our lessons well. It is what has made these crews so unique, so focused, so vigilant. From small to large, even the biggest could not stand up to not only the skill of the crew, but that of the captain, holding everything together. Dozens of medals for these colossal beasts have been distributed, and were well earned by the crew, aboard the High Seas.

High Seas itself has been the testing ground for not only serpent related code, but Khrait, and other ship changes. All Medievia players can benefit from a trip aboard this amazing ship. Between teaching players teamwork, timing, how to listen, how to work in unison to save all of the vessels hard work. Even when another ship comes to try to take over the High Seas, it's an opportunity for everyone to learn and experience new and fascinating aspects of the game. Without the foundation, laid out by Vryce, tested by players, have led a voyage aboard this ship to be a tale of epic proportions. Every voyage is a new record to be set, every mob faction an exciting adventure. Truly great is that which so many have come together to contribute, to enjoy, and to work together. Between the onslaughts of Searams, to the inspiration of panic caused by the Ruby Kah, this vessel has managed to scrape through, and leave the battlefield, though weary, victors. Countless times have firesticks boarded, and someone not skilled in the ways of the sea-going has accidentally tried to cast a spell. The result being a big explosion, lots of fire, and a neat little corpse. Yet still the crew pulled together, put out the fires, killed these horrific foes, pumped out the water, and repaired the ship - an army of sailors working in unison for a common goal.

High Seas is still sailing the seas of Medievia today, fighting serpents, Khrait, and anything new that may arise and threaten our lands.


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