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Tripped up in Dark Woods, and Singled to Safety
by Cadence

My stupidity is boundless. After last night's comical attempt at a trade run, one would think I learned my lesson. Not only did I not wise up, but I even went so far as to invite my very good friend Morgyyn out for another leisurely run. Predictably, we assembled at Riverton with our trusty appaloosas, prepared for whatever disaster lay before us on the road.

Once again, in a mock shadow of my last trading catastrophe, I drew in a breath that trailed with it the undeniable stench of troll. Rolling my eyes and cursing the very ground beneath me, Morgyyn and I prepared for another encounter with this unyielding enemy. Peering over our shoulders, we groaned - the trade post was still visible behind us! We deduced that these trolls were probably the same loathed beasts from the evening prior, and vowed to rid Medievia of the nuisance.

Much to our surprise, they fell with remarkable ease, and we continued our journey to the City of Medievia. Although we passed several lions' dens and confronted a massive pack of wild pigs, the trip had been a languid one.

Arriving at the prosperous City of Medievia, we hitched our covered wagons and meandered towards the trade shop. Pack mules in tow, Morgyyn and I transferred portions of our freight to the mules, which were more capable of withstanding the harrowing trail to Naera Mae. Easily enough, we made our way through the stinking marshlands towards the cursed Dark Woods. A single group of Centaurs attempted to threaten the quiet of our run, but were effortlessly overrun.

Pausing at the entrance to the Dark Woods, Morgyyn took leadership of the group. For the first venture through CPK, I believe he trusted himself a little more than he trusted me. His forethought certainly paid off! Moments later, we exited the Naera Mae temple and coursed our way through the arctic tundra that stood between us and our destination. After a brief chat with the keeper of the trade post, we sold him our goods at an exaggerated price and set about returning home for another mule.

Venturing again into the portal to Dark Woods, we planned to return to Medievia City via the spell of transport. Once inside CPK, I was overcome with stupidity, and I accidentally cast the incantation for Word of Recall - once again leaving Morgyyn to his own devices. Laughing at my own senselessness, I scarcely heard the barrage of insults issued forth from my abandoned companion. Oh well, he got back safely!

Aside from my little blunder, our pilgrimage continued unhindered by the dangerous factions of the wilderness. It was decided that this time, it would be me leading us through the precarious lands of the Dark Woods. Confident in my experience as a leader, and perhaps blinded by my own idiocy, I never entertained the thought that a villainous group of assassins could be lurking in the deep brush of the woods, hungry for conflict.

We both cast sanctuary, granting us a temporary resilience to attack. Together we advanced through the threshold of danger, and into the inky darkness of the forest. It is always my luck - we were engaged by every waking ogre in the woods! Bashed repeatedly, and tired from battle, Morgyyn struggled to overcome the implacable resolve of the ogres. Somehow, we became separated when the Ethereal Knight attacked. I fell victim to his powerful backstab, and fled like the girl I am.

Almost immediately, I was thrown to the ground! Through clouded vision, I recognized the faces of Krandor, Radenmyer, Schlee, Hexyld, Torrasque, Damac, and a slew of others; all from Honor town (74). Violently, they battered me, forcing me to the ground with every attempt I made at fleeing. Morgyyn, of course, hadn't come this far into the woods, and only now wandered in to attempt to rescue me. Unable to gather enough magical strength of transport us to safety, he simply walked out of CPK - ironically leaving me to my own devices.

Luckily, I escaped, thanks in part to my trusty wimpy. Schlee followed me out of the room, landing one single backstab that made me choke on my own blood. With an impressive 53 hitpoints to spare, I teleported out of his dangerous grasp, intent on berating Morgyyn for his carelessness.

So this time, with utter certainty, I proclaim to Medievia: No more trade runs for me, ever.


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