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Hey Guys - Those Aren't Rock Toads
by Cadence

Outlaw Legion (9) had grown weary of the recent drought in CPK. A few stakes and mediocre brawls resulted in several kills and hardly mentionable loots, but real butchery seemed to remain elusive. Finally, the observation was made that Honor (74) town had just consented to a Trade Run towngame against Altus Fidelitas (71). Moments earlier they had beaten that same town in a rather anti-climactic towngame of the same nature.

Vorpaxis, the CPK visionary of Legion town, predicted they would follow in the same course of action as the first successful towngame: the ever popular, extremely lucrative trade run through Dark Woods.

Lead by intuition and blind hope, Vorpaxis slyly settled himself within range of Dark Woods, watching and waiting for his greatest foe to follow their characteristic path of predictability. Having alerted his clan to the activity, we eagerly followed suit, positioning ourselves near one of the many entrances the Dark Woods offered for such covert action.

We weren't entirely sure of their intentions. Their setup had been obvious; twenty or so people in a single room. While we were all aware of the many hidden rock toads in Dark Woods, we scarcely believed they would all congregate in a single room for any reason. The plan was thoroughly detailed, leaving virtually no room for error amongst the soldiers of Outlaw town.

We stood at the rocky shore, impatiently awaiting the word from our leaders, Ausjos and Rzael. The wait didn't last, and within moments Ausjos was calling for his crew of bloodthirsty miscreants to rush. As we hurried towards the chaos, we heard the bestial shouts from our clansmen, calling targets and demanding heals. Suddenly we found ourselves only numbers in the midst of the forty people channeling potent shockwaves and fireballs at each other.

After sustaining a formidable amount of damage, Ruetar fled the scene, only to be picked off by Vorpaxis, who had been enthusiastically awaiting such an occurence. Returning to the soldiers of his town and leaving Ruetar's corpse in his wake, Vorpaxis simply rejoined the ranks and returned to calling targets.

Clearly surprised by the influx of troops from Outlaw town, Honor scurried to organize and choose an individual to target amidst the commotion. What began as a simple and overmanned stake for an opposing clan quickly mutated into a hurried scramble for their lives and equipment. Within an instant of being fireballed by Tocrath, Vlademere possibly feared finding himself a mark and teleported to safety.

The deaths were staggering, and seemed to fall one after the other. Aimonsorcio, Uribam, and Zocuten perished before the efforts of Honor town were fruitful in the demise of Imptaxis. He would prove to be their only successful kill, and as the dust settled, the bodies of Hexadelium, Sagien, and Yorak were left to be ravaged beside their fallen townsmen.

Finally satiated in their lust for blood, Outlaw Legion took their choice of loots from each of the remaining fallen, resurrected their comrade and withdrew to barter equipment amongst themselves.


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