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Pride Before a Fall by Cadence

It was another unremarkable day in the land of Medievia. My clansmen were readying themselves for a confrontation with Tyr, in hopes it'd lead them to valuable green dragon scales. As they assembled outside, Koraxis announced that he'd witnessed several members of Gravis Negotium (12) town gathering at Dark Woods. Not bothering with game frivolities like sneak, their position was easily ascertained. Untroubled by the prospect of yet another brawl with Negotium town, Ausjos, chaotic dictator of Outlaw Legion, simply finished the run at The Mystical Forest. After briefly celebrating the newly obtained green scales, Koraxis again traveled to Dark Woods to stalk the Outlaws' prey. After confirming their location, Koraxis called eagerly to his town. One by one, knights of the Outlaw Legion town surreptitiously congregated along the banks of the Blood Sea.

Anticipating another numbers heavy altercation, Prince Ausjos rallied his soldiers to the cause. The plan was meticulously executed. Mavrin, Naia, and Bodarius crept silently into the woods, settling themselves just west of the dreaded Ethereal Knight. Their task was simple: pick a fight.

As expected, 9 members of Negotium town ambushed the three. While they fended off the persistent attack from their assailants, the Outlaws donned their prized vermillion gloves in preparation of the imminent counter-attack. Quickly and efficiently, the soldiers of Legion rushed into Dark Woods, intent on prevailing against their most loathed foe.

With a single word uttered, "Talocarian," Ausjos proclaimed his target and his troops swiftly carried out his command. Fireball after potent fireball assaulted the leader of Negotium, and within a matter of moments, he fell. In a smart move probably ordered by the fallen Talocarian, his townsmen began teleporting, removing themselves from danger. Thardaras delayed, and it cost him dearly. As he perished, the barbaric Outlaws ravaged Talocarian's corpse, claiming his equipment as the spoils of war.

While their opposition was distracted in their looting, Uribam, leader of Honor (74), and Symacks of Brothers of Destruction (88) endangered themselves to assist their dead. Uribam resurrected Thardaras while Symacks teleported the lifeless body of Talocarian. Both sides of the endless battle of Medievian dominance left the brief encounter satisfied. Outlaw Legion acquired an impressive amount of treasure from their kills, including a portable hole, helm of the high forest, and a beautiful ring of Shangri La, while Negotium town left with the pride of having members brave enough to risk themselves to save a fallen townsman.


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