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Kalata Disrupted
by Cadence

Many blissful days of complacency lulled the rivalries of Medievia. Towns 74 and 9 set aside their bitter quest for dominance in exchange for friendly adventures through Dark Woods and The Fire Giant's Keep. The overall disposition was jovial, and the exchanges between clans seemed more like playful banter than actual threats. Of course, all fanciful dreams must end, and we inevitably find ourselves in the midst of the scuffle once again.

In the last several days, Honor (74) and Outlaw Legion (9) towns have repeatedly clashed in cpk, waging savage wars and suffering heavy casualties on either side of the conflict. Neither side has escaped unscathed from these bloody encounters, yet both teams continuously return for more. Perhaps it's the tireless quest for Medievian supremacy, or more selfishly - the pursuit of valuable loot. On the rare occasion, however, one town will peacefully retreat from such engagements. Outlaw Legion has retreated from an obvious loss on more than one occasion, and in the dreaded Hunting Grounds, Uribam and Vanaryck wisely chose to back down from what could have proven to be a disastrous failure of arms. More recently, there was a brief encounter in the Fort of Kalata.

Shaznec, an exertive commando of the Outlaw Legion, flew to Kalata in search of an equipment run or clash in CPK to pass the time. Luckily, he spied a group from the Honor town fighting Rashkal. Among them were Pode, Timeant, Damac, Vanaryck, and Weww. Xion was posted vigilantly outside, keeping watch for any signs of incursion from a rivaling town.

Moments later, after alerting his clansmen, Shaznec was joined by Koraxis and Rzael. Others silently followed in tow, including Ausjos, Zantier, and Mordo. After repeated attempts by Honor town to pk Shaznec failed, they successfully GPK'd him, perhaps thinking the threat to their run was over. Proceeding with their run, Honor opened the door to Kalata, but mistakenly left members of their group unengaged. Capitalizing on the error almost immediately, Outlaw Legion charged into the zone, hitting the unengaged members of their party. Pode and Vanaryck fell victim to the assault, and were both effortlessly GPK'd.

After several members of their party perished to Kalata, the soldiers of Gravis Negotium (12) and Honor teleported, leaving Outlaw Legion to bask in the glory of free equipment. In a stupidly courageous attempt at redemption, Weww returned to face the Outlaws. While gallant, it wasn't the most tactful response, and he found himself GPK'd along with his townsmen. With this continuous and brutal exchange of wins and losses, it appears the spark of animosity that ignited discord between the towns was left unextinguished by the playful alliances forged in the quests for brief amusement.


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